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'You' - my heart, my soul

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The most beautiful declarations of love from Bärbel Spindler

since I know you everything is just beautiful ... I wake up and you are my first thought, I spend the day thinking about you and every email from you gives me such heart pounding that I can hardly wait for you to answer my emails again answer because it's just a nice feeling ... even at night when I'm lying there alone I feel so good because I know that we see the same stars and meet in the dreamland ... you just do me so good and make me happy what you are ... what you say and what you give me ... I love you

we are both in one room ... we are surrounded by complete silence ... the darkness of the night is our companion ... an invisible bond of deep affection for one another envelops our bodies ... we perceive nothing ... only the rhythm of our hearts beating for each other in the same rhythm ... .we see nothing ... we hear nothing .... we don't talk .... and yet we feel ourselves with all our senses in our body ... the room is filled with our love and passion for each other .... caresses and tenderness change hands ... this is the night Created just for us and lets us experience a feeling of infinity…. (more ...)

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