Computer applications

Following list shows various uses of computers in today's arena.


A computer has a high computational speed, diligence, accuracy, reliability or versatility which made it an integral part of all business organizations.

Computer is used in business organization for:

  • Payroll calculations
  • budgeting
  • Sales analysis
  • Financial forecasts
  • Manage employee database
  • Keeping the tribe etc.


Today- banking is almost entirely dependent on computers.

Banks supply the following equipment:

  • Banks provide online accounting that includes current balances, deposits, overdrafts, interest rates, stocks, and trustee records.

  • ATMs are making it even easier for customers to deal with banks.


Insurance companies are using computers to keep all records up-to-date. The insurance companies, finance houses, and stock brokerage firms are widely using computers for their concerns.

Insurance companies are maintaining a database of all customers with information shows

  • Procedure to continue with politics
  • starting date of policy
  • next due tranche of a policy
  • Due date
  • Interests based on
  • Survival benefits
  • bonus


The computer has provided a lot of facilities in the educational system.

  • The computer represents a tool in the education system known as CBE (Computer Based Education).

  • CBE involves the control, delivery and evaluation of learning.

  • The computer education is increasing rapidly as the graph of number of computer students increases.

  • There are a number of ways in which educational institutions can use computers to educate students.

  • It is used to prepare a database on a student's performance and analysis is carried out on this basis.


In marketing, the uses of computers are:

  • Advertising - Using computers, advertising professionals create art and graphics, write and revise, copy, and print and distribute, advertisements listings with the aim of selling more products.

  • At Home Shopping - Home shopping has been made possible through the use of computerized catalogs that provide access to product information and allow direct entry of orders that are filled out by the clientele.

Health care

Computers are important part in hospitals, laboratories, and pharmacies. The computers will be used in hospitals to keep the record of patients and drugs. It is also used in scanning and diagnosing various diseases. EKG, EEG, ultrasound and CT scans etc., are also done by computer controlled machines.

Some important health care fields in which computers are used are:

  • Diagnostic System - Computers are used to collect data and identify the cause of the disease.

  • Lab diagnostic system - All tests can be done and reports are prepared by the computer.

  • Patient Monitoring System - These are used to check for patient abnormality for signs like cardiac arrest, EKG etc.

  • Pharma Information System - Computer checks drug labels, expiration dates, harmful drug side effects, etc.

  • Surgery - Today computers are also used in surgery.

Engineering design

Computers are widely used in mechanical engineering purpose.

One of the major areas is CAD (Computer Aided Design). That represents the creation and modification of images. Some fields are:

  • Structural engineering - Requires stress analysis for the design of ships, buildings, budgets, planes, etc.

  • Industrial engineering - Computer deal in the design, implementation and improvement of integrated systems of people, materials and equipment.

  • Architectural Engineering - Computers help in planning cities, designing buildings, determining a number of buildings on a site using both 2D and 3D drawings


Computers are used extensively in defense. Modern tanks, missiles, weapons, etc. The military also employs computerized control systems. Some military areas where a computer has been used are:

  • Missile control
  • Military communication
  • Military operation and planning
  • Smart guns too


Communication means conveying a message, an idea, an image or speech that is received and clearly and properly understood by the person for whom it is meant for. Some of the priorities in this category are:

  • E-mail
  • in the chat
  • Usenet
  • FTP
  • Telnet
  • Video conferencing


Computers play an important role in government. Some important fields in this category are:

  • Household
  • Sales tax department
  • Income Tax Department
  • Male / female ratio
  • Informatization of the voter lists
  • Informatization of the driving license system
  • Informatization of the PAN card
  • Weather forecast