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Christmas: make hard biscuits / pastries soft again

Christmas is a time of social gathering. Every kind of dessert has always been eaten with friends, family or acquaintances. In this tip, I'll share a trick on how to make hard cookies soft again.

Hard cookies / pastries aren't bad

Many people then take time, especially at Christmas, to bake their own favorite Christmas cookie recipes.

Unfortunately, it happens again and again that our favorite recipe fails and the biscuits become brittle and hard. Sometimes the cookies only harden because too much water has evaporated.

Of course you don't want to offer them to your loved ones anymore so that they don't bite their teeth on it. But maybe you can still save the biscuits if the recipe is right, i. H. they just got too "hard". The biscuits / pastries are often still perfectly fine - they just need a little more moisture. How to do that, I'll show you here ...

How can I make hard cookies soft again?

Get a plastic box or a glass container, which can be closed airtight with a lid. Put in the hard biscuits and add a few pieces of a sliced ​​apple.

You should measure the number of apple pieces according to the number of biscuits. Seal the can and let the biscuits and apple pieces steep for a few days in a warm place.

Apple pieces contain a lot of moisture that cannot escape in the closed can and is absorbed by the biscuits. Depending on how hard the cookies are, they have to stay in the tin for 3 to 6 days until they are soft again.

Check the progress once a day and see whether the biscuits have already reached the "degree of softness" that you want.

If the biscuits have to steep in the tin for more than 2 days, the apple pieces should be changed about every 2 days so that they do not go moldy. The fresh apple pieces bring more moisture back into the tin, which is then absorbed by the biscuits. However, after about 6 to 7 days at the latest, even very hard biscuits should have become so soft again that they can be eaten normally.

More tips to get hard pastries soft again ...

This trick also works with old gingerbread cookies that have become so hard that they would otherwise only be suitable as a frisbee. With fresh apple pieces you can get the gingerbread so soft again that it becomes edible.

If you have to go a little faster, you can also place the closed can near the heater (but not on the heater - that would be too warm). This speeds up the process of moisture transfer from the apples to the biscuits. With this trick, the "softening time" of the hard biscuits can be cut in half. If time is running out and friends or family are due to visit in the next few days, the faster method is very suitable.

Another trick is to lightly flavor the apple pieces - e.g. B. by adding cloves, sprinkling with cinnamon or adding a few drops of vanilla concentrate. The corresponding aroma is absorbed by the biscuits with the liquid.

That's the end of my tips for hard cookies for Christmas. If you yourself still know good tricks and tips on how to make hard cookies soft again, write your experiences in the comment on this tip.

Have fun snacking on the cookies together!

Andrea Munich