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First successes in affiliate marketing - This is what my first income looked like

Motivation is an important success factor, not only in affiliate marketing. That is why it is very good if you can collect initial successes with partner programs, i.e. generate income.

Because the first really big sales or leads can make all the difference, as you get proof that it works.

In this article I would therefore like to describe my own first successes in affiliate marketing and I look forward to your first successes in the comments.

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My first successes in affiliate marketing

I still remember my first key experience very well. It was at the end of 2007 when my blog was still quite new. I have tested the first sources of income and have already been able to generate small income. But I was still at the very beginning with affiliate marketing.

At that time, Google still had an AdSense affiliate program on offer. If you referred someone via an affiliate link, they signed up for AdSense and earned money with it, then you got a commission. This was a maximum of $ 250 if that person was making more than $ 100 per month with AdSense within a certain period of time.

I remember sitting at my desk one evening and suddenly I saw an email confirming a commission of $ 250.

It was an impressive feeling and very, very motivating. Before, the commissions tended to trickle away, but at that moment I really noticed for the first time that you could live off a blog. Unfortunately, the AdSense affiliate program was discontinued in early 2008. I don't even want to think about what I've earned with it since then. :-)

I also started the Amazon partner program very early, because I was already a customer of Amazon at the time and I was very satisfied. So I installed the first Amazon affiliate links and nothing happens for a long time.

I was disappointed at the beginning because I expected that the first income would come right after the installation. For a long time I haven't optimized anything, just waited for it to start. But every month only 10-20 euros came in. First of all, I had to learn a lot about how to incorporate affiliate links, how to choose the right advertising material and suitable products.

It was not until May 2012 (!), After I had finally taken a closer look at the Amazon partner program, that I was able to generate income of 258.22 euros. And since then things have continued to improve. The current best value was over 5,000 euros in December 2019.

I gained my first experience with lifetime commissions with a newsletter partner program. This paid me a commission every month for every customer I referred and who was still with me. In the beginning it wasn't much, but to see that a customer who was referred once again and again brings me commissions was also a sense of achievement, which motivated me very much.

Why are first successes so important?

As already said, the first real successes are very important. Affiliate marketing is not a simple source of income that you build in and then it's good to go. Instead, you have to optimize a lot and for many (including me) it takes a long time until you are ready for the affiliate programs to generate really good money.

This dry spell is not so easy for many. People give up too quickly and do not believe that it will be anything else. Often there are also false expectations, as I unfortunately have to find out again and again in the niche site challenge. Quite a few beginners install WordPress, activate a theme and then want to incorporate affiliate links or use the AAWP plugin to integrate bestseller lists and product boxes.

But that's not how it works. Apart from the fact that you need at least 3 normal sales per month for the API on Amazon so that you can use it, you need visitors first of all. So the first thing to do is to create good content and get rankings in Google.

But then it is all the more important that at some point you have such a sense of achievement in terms of income. Many people quickly doubt their website or blog and no longer believe that they can ever really be financially successful with it.

Such a sense of achievement simply ensures that you can see that it works. And that motivated me a lot back then, even if such a large individual commission, as with the AdSense affiliate program, is of course not common. But what is possible with affiliate marketing as a whole can be seen, among other things, in my income today.

But you can also see that it not only takes a while, but you also have to actively optimize the affiliate advertising material.

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Affiliate Marketing works!

I am convinced that you can earn good money with almost all websites, also and especially through affiliate marketing. Perseverance is very important for success.

Anyone looking for “overnight wealth” will also be disappointed here. Those who stick with it and stick with it can sooner or later reap the fruits of their work and earn good income.

And of course I will not only give you practical tips and instructions here in the blog in the future, but also try to motivate you.

Your first successes in affiliate marketing

Feel free to leave a comment and describe your first successes in affiliate marketing. I'd be very interested in that.

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