Was Tom Hanks in cars

Tom Hanks at David Letterman

The late night talk "Late Night with David Letterman" was on US television for more than 33 years. Now it's over: On May 20, 2015, the broadcaster CBS brought the last Late Show on the screen, after which 68-year-old Letterman retired. Cars have also played a role in the past 33 years - autobild.de is reminiscent of a memorable appearance by Tom Hanks in 2012.

"You can just step on the gas, baby!"

Hanks spoke on the "Late Show" about filming "Cloud Atlas" with Halle Berry as a co-star. Above all, however, it was about his trips on German autobahns without a speed limit: Because Hanks didn't know where to go, he was given a chauffeur - and he was deeply impressed and described the trips as "race acts". After asking the driver why he was driving so slowly, he probably wanted to prove in a VW T5 between Dresden and Berlin where there is great freedom in Germany. And Hanks could hardly believe it: "The government is behind you, and you can just step on the gas, baby," explains Hanks to the cheers of the audience. He also found that there are only VWs in Germany ("They're all Volkswagens").

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Then Hanks described how the chauffeur drove from Dresden to Berlin "in what felt like 17 minutes and at a speed of 200". The German autobahns are "straight and flat like runways". According to Hanks, the pace felt like 700 miles an hour. His cheeks were pulled back by the acceleration like in a centrifuge, and he only shouted: "Slow down, racer, slow down!" And because he finally wanted to try out for himself what a speed rush felt like, he got a VW T5 California for a test drive. Amazed by its mini steering wheel ("The steering wheel is like this", showing the circumference of a small plate) and its torque ("It's the torque, Dave!"), He at least dared to drive 140 km / h. And realized that the end of the story is far from being reached: "It doesn't matter how fast you drive in Germany - one is always faster!"