Is there evidence of a parallel universe

NASA study: has the existence of a parallel universe finally been proven?

In 2006, the scientists started a major experiment in Antarctica. Today, in 2020, the results exceed all expectations. They found strange particles that could be evidence of a parallel universe.

And no, what you are reading is not the summary of another science fiction film, but actually the reality. Scientists seem to have discovered evidence of a parallel world comparable to ours.

ANITA: An extremely important study by NASA

The NASA in the Antarctic the experiment called ANITA (Antarctic Impulsive Transient Antenna). To do this, they let a helium balloon with around forty radio antennas soar into the sky.

The aim is to examine the millions of square kilometers of the pack ice for high-energy particles from space, also known as neutrinos. These cosmic particles were ejected during the Big Bang. They raise innumerable questions about the origin of our universe and the existence of possible parallel universes.

The first flight of the balloons in 2006 did not produce any decisive results. Nothing new in 2007 either. Over the years, however, the scientists perfect their approach and make an incredible discovery.

A parallel world as a reflection of our own

In 2016, physicist Peter Gorham from the University of Hawaii and his team actually found some neutrinos. But contrary to what was expected, these do not come from space, but leave the earth to go there.

So far there is no scientific explanation for this phenomenon. Apart from the possibility that these neutrinos originate from a parallel universe that, like ours, arose at the time of the Big Bang. In this mirror world everything is reversed to ours: Time runs backwards, left is right and above is below.

Since then, scientists have not been able to observe this phenomenon again. However, new experiments with improved equipment are planned for 2022. So maybe we will soon learn more about this parallel universe.