Which is the best spiritual quotient

The Spiritual Intelligence Quotient (SQ) - The secret knowledge of our soul

Believe it or not, scientists recently discovered that if you want to understand the deeper meaning of life, you should listen to your soul.

According to Zohar, the SQ works like this:

“Action that overcomes egoism and enables altruism is an expression of so-called spiritual intelligence. “People who change things for the better,” says bestselling author and business consultant Danah Zohar, “have a high level of spiritual intelligence. “According to the Financial Times newspaper, the physicist and philosopher is“ one of the most important management thinkers ”. She sees a logical further development of the rational intelligence quotient IQ via the emotional intelligence EQ to the new spiritual intelligence quotient SQ. "

And even more details:

“According to Zohar, SQ describes the talent of» discovering the meaning of life for yourself «. With this she wants to bring moral values ​​into a world driven by ego and money. The SQ pioneer hopes that spiritual intelligence will help »to overcome our one-sided material orientation and to direct our focus on the things that make life really worth living, namely compassion, love and responsibility. That gives our life a higher meaning «. Zohar does not want to be misunderstood as a New Age preacher or esotericist because of the term "spiritual". "I am only committed to science," she clarified when she initiated the executive suite of the US space agency NASA into the secrets of spiritual intelligence. "

She has been holding her SQ seminars at global companies such as Shell, Coca-Cola and BMW for years. Spiritual intelligence has nothing to do with world views, religions or supernatural phenomena. Rather, it lies within us like a treasure, so our own world-improvement potential only has to be discovered - and everyone can train it!

Source: P.M. magazine

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