Is nicotine gum unhealthy

Nicotine replacement therapy

The effectiveness of nicotine replacement therapies has been studied in many scientific studies. The studies took part in people who had previously smoked at least 15, but usually more than 20 cigarettes a day. In addition to nicotine replacement therapy, almost all of them were offered additional help, such as advice. After 6 to 12 months it was checked whether the participants were still smoking or were smoking again.

A group of scientists evaluated these studies and came to the conclusion that nicotine replacement therapy can make it easier to quit smoking:

  • Without nicotine replacement therapy, 10 out of 100 people managed to quit smoking.
  • With nicotine replacement therapy, 16 out of 100 people managed to quit smoking.

Nicotine replacement therapy also helped 6 out of 100 people to successfully quit smoking.

However, several research groups suspect that some studies in which nicotine replacement therapy was ineffective were not published. According to estimates that take this publication bias into account, nicotine replacement therapy would only help about 3 in 100 people to quit smoking.

The studies also show that nicotine gum or patches have little effect on weight. The participants who took nicotine replacement therapy then weighed on average about half a kilogram to a kilogram less than those in the comparison group. After one year, however, there was no longer any clear difference between the groups.