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There are now countless diets that you can read and try out in lifestyle magazines or on the Internet. All diets pursue a goal of reducing body weight and, above all, body fat quickly and effectively. Before you even start a diet, you should first become aware of the general conditions in everyday life. This means, can I even implement the diet at home and at work? Do I even like the recommended foods and dishes? Can I eat the required meals and snacks at all times? Do I even have the time to pre-cook the dishes?

You should ask yourself all of these questions before starting the diet. If the majority of the questions are answered with "No", then the diet is not suitable for your everyday life. The diet will therefore be more of a flop, since the implementation in everyday life is a mere struggle. As a rule, however, the choice of diets is so big that everyone can find a suitable diet for themselves. The following sections list the best diets that focus primarily on fat loss.

Low carb diets are most effective for fat loss
The low-carbohydrate diets recommend a low-carbohydrate diet because larger amounts of carbohydrates can be converted into fat in the body. In addition, carbohydrates make you hungry, which makes you want to eat more. The carbohydrate reduction in the daily diet also taps into the body's own fat stores, which means that fat can be broken down quickly in a short time.

In order to accelerate fat loss, one also recommends a protein-based diet in the diet, ie a large portion of protein such as meat, fish, eggs, cheese, sausage, nuts, legumes, protein shakes, protein bars, protein muesli, etc. is allowed with each meal The increased intake of protein makes you less hungry, because protein and the amino acids it contains have a strong influence on satiety hormones. This in turn has the advantage that you consume fewer food calories and thus force the body to reduce its fat reserves. The high protein intake also serves to maintain muscle, because if you lose too many muscles in the diet, you will remain on your fat reserves. This is why low-carbohydrate diets are so successful because those who have more muscle can burn more fat even when they are resting.

Low Fat Diets - Lose more fat with less fat
In the low fat diets, fat should be saved as much as possible, because 1 gram of fat provides more than twice as many calories as carbohydrates and fats. That is why we particularly recommend low-fat to lean foods here. Since carbohydrates such as pasta, bread, potatoes, rice, rolls, fruit, vegetables, etc. hardly provide any fats, these are mainly on the daily menu. So ideal for those who like to eat pasta, rolls and sweets. But it is also suitable for vegans and vegetarians who mainly eat grain products, fruit and vegetables. On the other hand, high-fat foods such as meat, sausage, milk, dairy products, etc. are a no go, because there are hidden fats that can quickly exceed your daily energy requirements. Therefore, the focus is on this food, which in turn is easy to implement in everyday life. There are also food tables to help you choose your low-fat and lean foods for your meals.

Loss of fat with the Atkins Diet
Atkins Diet has 3 phases, with the first and second phases being the most severe phases of fat loss. This is achieved by completely avoiding carbohydrates, which means that the body has to switch from fat loss. The experts also speak of the ketogenic diet, i.e. when the body converts the fats into sugar-like nutrients. In the first phase, carbohydrates are removed from the menu, i.e. no bread, rolls, pasta, rice, muesli, etc. You can eat unlimited meat, fish, seafood, sausage, eggs, milk, dairy products, nuts and vegetables. The fat content of the food does not play a role here, because fats and proteins have a strong satiety effect. You can eat the mentioned foods in all 3 phases, but there are no dietary carbohydrates in this phase. Then comes the second phase, in which you are not allowed to eat more than 25 to 30 g of carbohydrates. Here, carbohydrates are only allowed from vegetables, berries, nuts, etc. After the 2 weeks of phase two, phase three follows. So many carbohydrates should be eaten here that you can still maintain your greatly lost weight. This diet is the strictest and most effective fat loss diet, but not for those who like carbohydrates and cannot do without them. Since the diet is very one-sided, the use of multi-vitamin preparations is very useful.

LOGI method for fat loss
LOGI stands for Low Glycemic and Insulinemic Diet and means that this form of diet or nutritional form recommends foods that are friendly to blood sugar and insulin levels. This includes foods that are low in starch, because too much starch also increases the insulin level and in the long run can lead to an imbalance in the metabolism. Therefore, starch-rich foods such as bread, pasta, cereal flakes are rarely recommended here. But meat, fish, dairy products, nuts, legumes and fat do not have to be saved. This diet is more reminiscent of a Mediterranean diet that you can quickly make friends with. With this protein and fat-based diet, you can also break down fat without any major prohibitions.

The anabolic diet for fat loss
The anabolic diet is one of the strictest low-carbohydrate diets. This diet no longer allows 5 percent carbohydrates of the total energy intake daily, which corresponds to an amount of up to 30 g of carbohydrates per day. The low carbohydrate intake is balanced by a daily high protein intake of 30-35 percent and a daily fat intake of 60-65 percent of the total energy intake. The high protein and fat intake gives you a feeling of satiety for a long time, which in turn means that you take in fewer calories from your daily diet. The extreme lack of carbohydrates leads to the complete depletion of the carbohydrate energy stores (glycogen) in the muscles and liver in the first few days. If the glycogen stores are exhausted, the body has to get its energy from the body's own fat. This brings the metabolism into a permanent fat-burning state and is associated with a high level of fat loss.

With the FDH for fat loss
FDH stands for FRISS DIE HALFTE and, more precisely, you should only halve your daily food or only eat half a portion. The good thing about it is that you don't get any precise instructions on how much and what to eat. You also don't need calorie and nutritional tables for meal planning, which in turn makes dieting and weight loss easier. If you have cravings, you should drink plenty of tap water and mineral water. But cravings can also be combated by other activities such as exercising, reading, going to the movies, reading the newspaper, and so on. The diet is easy to implement for everyone, but it does not change your eating habits. However, the FDH can be used well with foods that provide too much fat and sugar. That means halving the amount of these foods. For example, if you like to eat liver sausage, meat sausage, salami and high-fat cheese, you should simply cut your usual amount in half.

The new Markert diet helps you lose fat
Mr. Markert is a doctor who specializes in fasting cures. Since fasting with broth, water and diluted juices is more likely to lead to increased muscle loss than fat loss, the doctor recommends one protein drink per day during the fast. The protein drink is also used for an intact thyroid function, which in turn is responsible for an active energy and fat metabolism. Through fasting and the protein drink, Markert promises a lowering of the increased insulin level, which in turn promotes the breakdown of fat. The protein drink is a diet shake that, according to nutritionists, should provide other important nutrients such as essential fatty acids, amino acids, vitamins, minerals and fiber in addition to protein.

Glyx Diet promotes fat loss
Glyx diets are high-protein diets that recommend carbohydrates that do not increase blood sugar and insulin levels. For this reason, only carbohydrates with a low "glycemic index" are allowed in the Glyx diet. Food tables serve as a guide where you can choose your blood sugar-friendly carbohydrates The Glyx Diet, like other low-carbohydrate diets, recommends a lot of protein and fat, which increase the feeling of satiety, but also promote fat loss.

Dr. Strunz "The Diet" for fat loss
The Forever Young Fitness Pope recommends a fat burning week consisting of regular walking. The diet may only consist of fruit, vegetables and protein. This is followed by days of endurance training and strength training combined, which is supposed to accelerate fat loss. The hormone production in the body is to be boosted primarily through the protein drinks. As we know, hormones have a huge impact on muscle building and fat loss.

Fat Loss And Slimmer Through Fat Burner Diet
In the fat burner diet, fat loss should be started with 6 smaller meals a day. The menu consists mainly of low-fat and lean foods. This means that the fat burner diet is one of the low fat diets and is intended to support fat loss. But protein should also be in the focus. You can eat 2 to 3 servings of meat, fish and eggs per week. The rest can be covered by low-fat milk and dairy products. The special thing about this fat burner diet are the recommended foods that are said to have fat-reducing properties. It's all about the ingredients in certain foods that promote fat loss. These include, for example, vitamin C (in citrus fruits, paprika), vitamin B6 (in dairy products, meat), magnesium (in whole grain products, nuts), chromium (in berries, eggs, fish), L-carnitine (in fish, meat), Taurine (in meat, fish), caffeine (in coffee), theanine (tea) and choline (in shrimp, dark chocolate, beef)

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