Analytics is really needed for B2B websites

Website analysis tools for B2B companies: who tracks better?

Wiredminds LeadLab

LeadLab is the name of the service from Wiredminds GmbH in Stuttgart, which offers a modern user interface and good usability. The solution is also distributed functionally identically by the company Leadlogic. A wide range of functions and information for marketers is hidden behind the appealing look of Leadlab. For example, each individual web page can be given a positive or negative point value according to its sales relevance. Pages with no meaningfulness for sales potential, such as the home page or job offers, receive a neutral or negative point value, performance pages and special offer landing pages can be given positive points. LeadLab adds up the point values ​​of all visited pages to a lead score and thus enables visitors with lead potential to be recognized more quickly. In addition, LeadLab offers a flexible filter system to group recognized companies according to all available address, industry, size and engagement criteria. In our test, LeadLab showed a good recognition quality regardless of the visitor country, which clearly stood out from the accuracy of Google API-based providers. LeadLab's pricing model starts at 400 to 500 euros per month. This seems rather unfavorable to us, especially for smaller companies that only have a few hundred recognized leads per month. In addition, Wiredminds provides setup, training and consulting services to the extent of around two consulting days at the start, which should be factored in.