Which Canon camera should I buy?

Best Canon camera [2021] - My top 4 recommendations (EOS single lens reflex cameras & system cameras)

In today's post I recommend the best Canon cameras, whether for landscape, sports, reportage or wedding photography.

In addition, I'll show you what to look out for before buying. If you don't want to read everything, here is a quick overview with my recommendations:

Best Canon APS-C system camera
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Best Canon APS-C DSLR camera
Many features for ambitious photographers
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Best Canon full frame SLR camera
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Best Canon full frame system camera
Internal image stabilizer
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Of course, this article reflects my personal opinion.

Table of Contents

Why can you trust me?

I have been taking photos with Canon EOS cameras since 2005. My first SLR camera was an EOS 300D. Then came the 450D, 5D, 700D and 77D. I used many different lenses on these cameras. There were not only Canon lenses, but of course also Sigma and Tamron.

My main field is landscape photography. My second horse is architectural photography. But I've also photographed portraits, sports and reports. Several friends of mine are wedding photographers, which is why I have some insight into this area as well.

After all the cameras, I would now like to give you an insight into what is important when choosing your Canon camera. Any camera has her Specialty. So it makes sense to know what you are photographing in order to then use the optimal camera to be able to choose.

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Best Canon camera

Why Canon?

Canon has dominated the digital SLR market for many years. The cameras are known for their high image quality and perhaps the best handling. An important argument for today's Canon cameras is the large and good range of lenses and accessories. This is why Canon is still interesting in the area of ​​digital SLR cameras. But Canon has also caught up with system cameras and is on par with Sony, Nikon and Fujifilm.

Which features play a role for which photo directions?

Sports, reporting & animals

With these issues it is important that the camera robust and fast is. The Autofocus got to accurate be. In addition, the mechanics of the camera should be on many trips designed before a new camera has to be found.

Landscape & architecture

This is where she plays picture quality the most important role. Your camera should deliver high-resolution images, as well as possible noise free are. Also a high one Dynamic range plays a role.

Portraits & Weddings

Here, too, one counts very much accurate autofocus. The camera must be responsive Dynamic range deliver, so that details can be seen everywhere, especially with a light wedding dress and dark suit.

The best Canon cameras - My top 3 recommendations

All of the cameras I recommend are Part of the Canon EOS system. Accordingly, there is one wide range of lenses and accessories. I update this list regularly.

Best Canon APS-C system camera: Canon EOS M6 Mark II

Canon EOS M6 Mark II

The flagship of the Canon APS-C system cameras is the Canon EOS M6 Mark II. It also houses a sensor 32.5 megapixels. That is quite enough to see from the pictures great prints too to make. Of course, the lenses have to be correspondingly good in order to be able to operate this resolution. In the wide angle range, the 15-45mm kit lens is good in this regard.

The mirrorless M6 Mark II has one 3 inch displaywhat happens via Touch can be operated. In terms of size and shape, the camera delivers good feel. The menu and the various buttons are well thought out and such let yourself the camera serve well.

That is not optimal lack of electronic viewfinder. Here, however, the EVF-DC2 viewfinder is available directly from Canon, which can be plugged into the hot shoe of the Canon EOS M6 Mark II. With a magnification of 0.63, this viewfinder is even the same size as that of a 7D Mark II.

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Best Canon APS-C DSLR camera: Canon EOS 90D

Canon EOS 90D

Especially for ambitious photographers the Canon EOS 90D is a camera that offers enough potential in the long term. she has a 32.5 megapixel APS-C sensor. Despite the high megapixel density, the noise behavior of the 90D has not increased noticeably compared to the past. In combination with good lenses, one can high image quality that is sufficient even for large prints.

As usual with Canon, this DSLR serve very well. Here the manufacturer simply understands how to make all the features of a modern camera easily accessible to the user. The Canon EOS 90D is A very good camera for both photographers and videographers. It shows that SLR cameras can still compete with system cameras. Especially with the high burst rate and the good autofocus the camera shows what it can do.

Professional photographers might still have a second memory card slot is desiredbut that is also the only drawback of the 90D.

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Best Canon full frame SLR camera: Canon EOS 5D Mark IV

Canon EOS 5D Mark IV

If you're looking for an absolute workhorse, then the Canon EOS 5D Mark IV is worth a look. With 30.4 megapixels, it also provides enough reserves for large prints. Still hers is speed with 7 frames per second high enough for fast image sequences. The Dynamic range With 13.6 f-stops, it is currently one of the Canon DSLRs Best.

Canon has also made major improvements to the auto focus over the years. While many wedding photographers complained about the autofocus system with the 5D Mark II, this point was already significantly improved with the 5D Mark III and was raised to a new level with the 5D Mark IV. she is a very good all-rounder camerawhich can be used well for almost all areas of photography. WLAN, NFC and GPS are also on board. The digital SLR camera is also a good choice for videos.

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Best Canon full frame system camera: Canon EOS R5

Canon EOS R5

When the Canon EOS R5 was introduced, there was a lot of hype about this camera. And in a way that was justified. While Canon not only overslept the development of system cameras for several years, but then also lagged behind, the empire has striked back ever since.

The Canon EOS R5 has one internal image stabilizer (IBIS) and 45 megapixels. Even if there are not yet too many native lenses for the RF system available, almost all of them are of an incredibly high quality and resolution. In terms of dynamic range, Canon is finally catching up with Sony.

The Display the R5 is 3.2 inches tall and can be operated by touch. The picture of the electronic viewfinder read off that not only large, but also High Resolution is. The Autofocus is fast and accurate. The package is through a weatherproof housing rounded.

In terms of video, the R5 is good, but with 8K videos the camera overheats over time - one of the few disadvantages of the otherwise very good mirrorless system camera.

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Conclusion: which is the best Canon camera?

The Canon EOS R5 is currently the best Canon camera. In addition to the 45 megapixel sensor, the full-frame system camera has a high dynamic range. It delivers great image quality and has accurate autofocus. The housing is sealed and therefore insensitive to weather and dust. In combination with the right lenses, you get a very good all-round camera that you can use for all photographic areas.

Canon EOS R5