Why do people study psychology

What makes psychology so interesting?

Students ask:

Why do so many school leavers want to study psychology? What makes this course and the individual psychology courses so interesting?

Melanie, student at the University of Bamberg:

What makes him interesting is his diversity and the opportunities that a graduate has with regard to a future job. Psychology doesn't just consist of clinical and therapeutic areas. To be honest, it only makes up a small and very theoretical part of the course. After graduation, however, you can also join a management consultancy, for example.

Moritz, graduate of the University of Göttingen:

At this point I cannot speak for the general public and therefore only venture two guesses. Basically, the enormous diversity of the subject and the associated range of professional fields, which have a high social component in common, are certainly an important factor. Furthermore, however, it is simply the case that in recent years there has been a removal of taboos from society in dealing with mental disorders and that the necessity of individual well-being is now often discussed in the media. An increased public interest ultimately also increases the interest of the individual in the subject of psychology.

Andrea, graduate of the TU Chemnitz:

The name is public. Studying psychology sounds good and important. It is definitely an exciting course of study that teaches a wide variety of topics relating to human experience and behavior. And the big plus is certainly that a psychology degree opens up many other job opportunities in addition to the well-known psychotherapist: In business (especially in the field of human resources), in the field of traffic psychology, in clinics and rehabilitation facilities, in the educational and socio-educational field, in in research, in technical areas (engineering psychology), in the judiciary (appraiser), as civil servant (police psychologist, youth welfare office, etc.), and many more. But: I think that a lot of people study psychology because it just sounds good, you might not have got the appropriate grades and the medicine place. But I also only know a few who have dropped out of a psychology degree. It's just exciting too!

Victoriya, student at TU Dortmund University:

You don't study psychology because others find it interesting, you should be able to get excited about it yourself! For example, I have always been interested in how people think / feel / act and which factors play a role and why people are how they are and on different levels (private, professional, friendly, etc.). You learn to understand people or certain actions and then develop less prejudice over time. It cannot be described in two words, but psychology offers an in-depth look at different areas.

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