What are some twists and turns in the love story

Unpredictable twists and turns and a sizzling love story

Sea of ​​stars
by Tanja Voosen

Rated 4 stars


** For the perfect summer love you have to reach for the stars **
When Laurie doesn't know what to do next in her life, she searches the sky for falling stars at night in order to wish all her problems away. But she needs a lot of that at the moment. Her parents only argue and want to push her to her uncle's holiday camp this summer of all places. To prevent that, everything is fine with Laurie. Unfortunately, her plan backfires and ends with her accidentally kissing Derek, her best friend's obnoxious brother. But it gets much worse: Not only does she have to go to camp anyway, she promptly runs into Derek again ...
Source: Carlsen


I have to say that I really like the cover from the color scheme and the presentation of the stars.
I also find the couple, who are only a kind of shadow, well integrated.
Personally, however, I just don't like the font of the title. But that's just a matter of taste.


Star Sea isn't the author's first book I've read.
Since I've always liked her ideas and her writing style and always felt entertained, I was of course very excited about this book.
Getting into the story was really easy for me, because the author takes the time to introduce and describe protagonist Laurie and her problems in more detail.
Among other things, there was the divorce of the parents, the hated summer camp and Derek, the brother of her best friend.
Personally, I really liked the mix of problems because they are so normal and everyday that everyone can identify with them.

Laurie's parents don't seem to be happy anymore, which is why Laurie is supposed to spend the holidays with her uncle at the summer camp.
Of course she doesn't feel like doing that.
What Laurie wants is her parents' attention and love, which is why she doesn't shy away from getting into trouble at school.
At least that's their plan, which of course backfires several times.
But the worst is probably that Laurie suddenly kisses her best friend's brother and he doesn't want to get out of her head.

Laurie was a very personable and well-drawn character.
Her feelings were palpable and I was able to empathize with her fears and frustration.
Especially at the beginning Laurie seems very young and naive. Trying to get into trouble on purpose to drive the parents crazy is such a typically youthful stubbornness and therefore absolutely authentic. Weren't we all like this?
In addition to the problem with her parents, Laurie also has to deal with her feelings for Derek and thus gets on a roller coaster ride of feelings.
Within the book, however, Laurie continues to develop and slowly realizes that there are some things in life that you simply cannot change.
It was nice to see Laurie find herself.

In addition to Laurie's best friend Savannah, her twin brother Derek plays a major role.
After an unplanned kiss between him and Laurie, the two meet again at summer camp.
Laurie actually thinks he's an idiot, but she can't get him out of her mind completely either.
Unlike Laurie, I loved Derek from the first moment.
He is a very direct but attentive guy and has a flair for helping Laurie get back on her feet at the right moments.
Though he's struggling with something from the past himself, Derek seemed more thoughtful and more mature.
And I quickly realized how well he and Laurie actually go together.

The crackling between Laurie and Derek was really noticeable.
The author has a knack for conveying the emotions and feelings of her characters authentically. Hats off.
But not only the love story touches.
The divorce of the parents and an opaque fellow camper also create situations that make your hair stand on end.

I really liked the storyline of the book and especially the unexpected twists and turns surprised me. Especially in the middle, the story takes a path that brings absolute tension and action with it.
For me personally, the decryption was a little too far-fetched afterwards, but I was able to cheer for the characters.
I would also like to positively highlight the setting again.
I found the idea of ​​the summer camp really interesting and the author's work was very successful.
While reading, I was able to visualize the surroundings and thus had the feeling that I was also a guest at the camp.


With the sea of ​​stars, the author was once again able to surprise and inspire me.
The moving love story completely carried me away, while the seriousness of some situations really got under my skin.