Which YouTube video has the most downvotes

Eight million dislikes: This clip is on the way to becoming the most hated YouTube video of all time

YouTube actually celebrates with the format Rewind a best of his videos and stars. At least that's the concept. Instead, the clip that went online last week is well on its way to becoming the most hated video on the platform. Eight million users pressed the dislike button within just five days.

Since 2010, YouTube has been summarizing the highlights of the year in a clip, for example with typical YouTube phenomena such as the Ice Bucket Challenge or the Gangnam-style dance. For the 2018 video, which has now been viewed by over 100 million people, YouTube, on the other hand, focused on international stars such as US actor Will Smith, British comedian John Oliver and, above all, on the Fortnite-Ninja Tyler Blevins set:

Exactly this selection does not suit the users on YouTube at all. In over 1.4 million comments below the video, the clip is criticized as boring and embarrassing. YouTube completely lost contact with its users. Rewind 2018 shows once again that the video platform is moving further away from content creators every year. One of the less sharp comments gets to the heart of the criticism: "Where are the YouTubers?"

YouTuber PewDiePie criticized Rewind for the appearance of Fortnite

For many, the annual review does not represent what YouTube stands for: The home-grown creations such as PewDiePie or Logan Paul, who caused discussions on YouTube in 2018, are missing. For example, with the race between PewDiePie and T-Series for the channel with the most subscribers. Or with the amateur boxing match in the Manchester Arena between Logan Paul and Olajide William alias KSI, which 800,000 users followed in the live stream. A second fight in the USA has already been agreed.

PewDiePie, whose real name is Felix Kjellberg, then published a video in which he says that Rewind was once a homage to its artists. Today he is almost glad not to appear in the clip. Above all, he criticizes the strong focus on Fortnite. A point on which many commentators agree. They accuse YouTube of choosing product placement.

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That’s the current one Rewind about to become the most hated video on Youtube. So far, Justin Bieber's single holds this title infant with 9.7 million thumbs down.