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About us


We live our promise in our daily work: For the pleasure of service. For love of the environment. In our more than 110 years of company history, we have always relied on three strong pillars: being human, agile and stable.

For us, human means: a respectful, trusting and fair cooperation with employees, partners and customers. Out of respect for people and the environment, we see integrity and ethical behavior as our duty. We have therefore set out the principles of our mission statement as well as specific regulations, for example from the areas of occupational health and safety, compliance and data protection in a separate company agreement. And: We keep reminding ourselves of our responsibility and systematically convey this to our managers.

For us, agile means always remaining flexible in the face of the challenges of digitization and automation combined with a high degree of responsibility for ecological, economic and social sustainability. Our claim: We want to be and will always be better for you, for an ever better service offering with comprehensive services and an ever better service quality. We work hard every day to achieve this.

For us, stable means: to offer the best quality standards with competent and committed employees for 110 years and to inspire our customers again and again with closeness, understanding and reliability. Stable also means ensuring continuous, stable and moderate economic growth as a basis for secure jobs and investments in the future. This is the only way we can offer our customers continuous service quality, combined with a high level of cost, quality and environmental awareness.