What is your preferred content marketing tactic

4 examples why content marketing is more important than ever

Marketing is a restless contemporary. It is constantly evolving and trends that are still popular today may be yesterday's news tomorrow. However, one method currently rules marketing. The Content marketing, part of the Inbound Marketing, has enjoyed enormous popularity for some time and is now more influential than ever. Read in this blog post how you as a company can benefit from this trend!

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Content is king

A marketing world without successful content marketing? That has long been unimaginable in 2020. With a sophisticated tactic, not only can the Position your own brand, but also the Increase customer loyalty. The target group is addressed through informative, entertaining and at the same time informative topics.

Why content marketing methods make sense

The Content Your campaign are using this method more important than the product itself. On average, a user has accessed more than ten online articles before becoming one Purchase decision comes. Successful content offers Possible solutions for problems and explains to the prospect Facts. This creates trust and takes the recipient into the world of your company. But how do you do it? Storytelling is an excellent methodto gain the trust of customers.

Every story has one emotional worth and this creates trust. However, it is important to be professional and user-oriented. Only campaigns that are perfectly tailored to the recipient lead to the goal. If a user cannot get any information from the campaign, even the best graphic design and visual design will be of no use. The method is becoming an important part of a company's marketing mix.

Your way to a successful content marketing strategy

With regard to the development of a high-quality content marketing campaign, the text is the most important element. It should be optimized for search engines as well as tailored to the needs of the users so that users can find your page via Google. Current developments also suggest that the general trend away from classic product marketing and relevant information marketing is becoming more and more important.

The guiding principle of every content marketing should "Content is king”Because informative content is essential for your company to stand out. This contains Email campaigns, educational content, call-to-actions, events and storytelling. The main challenge is content seeding.

It is also important to adapt to the needs of the user. If the potential customer wants to solve a problem, it is advisable to Educational content to offer. This is based on the imparting of knowledge on complex topics, while the know-how of the company provides a Basis of trust is created. However, if the interested party can be reached on an emotional level, they can be more enthusiastic about storytelling. If the customer prefers the interaction of the company, call-to-action elements and in-person events should be provided.
This method even proves to be cheaper in the long run - compared to classic, conventional advertising.

It is also important to have your Topics to the appropriate target group cut to size. This includes the texts themselves as well as infographics, images and videos, which turn good content into excellent content.

There should also be a clearly recognizable customer journey tailored to lead generation, which your future customers will go through.

Also, don't lose sight of your brand. The interaction of relevant content and functioning brand communication creates trust and is therefore essential for your company's market share.

Also you Website must be part of a Content curation regularly checked and appropriately maintained. After all, your website is the central point of contact for users and must therefore be geared towards being able to inspire your prospects. There is one optimal address of high relevance. Formats such as advice texts, product descriptions or white papers are particularly suitable for this purpose. However, SEO topics related to the remaining topics can also be quite effective.

In addition, switch external backlinks on your channels that direct your leads to your website. In this case you can, for example, make use of your own blog, social media links, newsletter links or offline promotion. Also consider content-relevant factors as well as author tags in order to achieve the greatest possible reach.

Content strategy

The first step in planning a content marketing campaign is to determine who the content will be created for. The goal is to find solutions to your leads' problems, but that requires some thought beforehand.

Seven steps to a content marketing strategy

  1. definition one goal: what should be achieved?
  2. target group determine: who should be reached?
  3. Control existing content: what is suitable for such a marketing campaign and which topics can be described as meaningless?
  4. CMS system: collect your new ideas. Does it make sense to supplement existing content?
  5. Content ideas: brainstorm together with colleagues and get creative. What would be suitable as a supplement to your content?
  6. Type of content: how do you want to prepare and present them? For example: blog posts, e-books, templates, infographics, videos, podcasts, external (social media), webinars, articles in in-house magazine
  7. publication the campaign


If a campaign is set up with the help of storytelling, focus on your product or service historywhich with Embassies is peppered with your prospects. Through this, you and your company create a bond with people on an emotional level. So the aim is to still convey information to your target group, which is, however, skilfully integrated into the story you are telling.

The Golden Circle

The golden circle is a model designed by Simon Sinek that incorporates the thought process of a person who immediately before a purchase decision stands. A distinction is made between three different phases:

According to Sinek, when it comes to selling a product, it is extremely important to understand people's thought processes and adapt your own campaign accordingly. The inner circle is tackled by very few companies. This is extremely worrying, as the reason for developing a product is extremely informative for the potential customer. Unlike the more sober ones W questions "What?" and how?" invokes the "why?" on the company philosophy. This includes how your company presents itself and what you are passionate about. Depending on how your company affects your prospects in this matter, they will make a decision for or against a purchase.

Tips for Lean Content Marketing

At a Lean content marketing the product is again in foreground. It can be seen as the “light version” of classic content marketing. The reason for this is low use of resources, with which the best possible result should be achieved with timely implementation. The principle of lean content marketing is based on getting prospects not entirely perfect Present content. Instead, these should be straight good enough so that they are sufficient for the target group. However, there are a few factors to consider in order to be able to act on the market with this method:

  • Efficient value creation: the return on marketing should always be greater than your investments in the long term
  • Don't waste your time: Your competition never sleeps! The sooner you start a lean content marketing campaign, the better!
  • Start small: A lot can be achieved even with a rather small bandwidth and few articles. As soon as you have achieved initial success, you can expand your content as you wish.
  • Target group determination: The best lean content marketing campaign is of no use if it does not reach the relevant prospects!
  • Be open to feedback: through the anti-perfectionism of your content, you get into direct exchange with interested parties! Let your leads write a comment and give their opinion!
  • Measure results: Marketing is extremely fast moving. By regularly measuring your results, you can adjust your content one at a time to stay up to date.
  • Multiple use of content: Instagram and Facebook aren't the only channels where content reaches your prospects. Make full use of the full potential of the entire bandwidth

Content creation process

The beginning of every content creation is a SEO research and the associated keyword research. After all, it is essential that you are found by users and that your content can help them. You should then deal with the topic development and decide which aspects your content should address more intensively. When creating texts, it is important in the next point that you adapt them to your target group and accordingly pay attention to your choice of words. After final editing, your content can finally be uploaded and published. We particularly recommend publishing content on social media, the website or one Blog.

Content analysis

Interim ControlsHow your content is accepted by users helps enormously in optimizing, adapting or even expanding your content. Particular attention should be paid to the following factors:

  • Pageviews
  • organic traffic
  • Bounce rate
  • Conversion rate
  • Interaction rate
  • Customer growth

Also a Content hub, which is the central point of contact for your content, offers several advantages in terms of analysis. The following aspects should be mentioned here:

  • User experience
  • Conversions
  • visibility
  • Range
  • Insights
  • Interactivity
  • Content longevity

Content Marketing Examples

Some companies have already launched very popular content marketing campaigns. Their popularity makes it clear how popular high-quality content is right now. Some of these success stories are well worth seeing, which is why it is worth taking a look at them in the form of a short list.

Good examples

Personalized music - #spotifywrapped

At the end of 2019, Spotify impressed with the content campaign #spotifywrapped. The company created for its users individualized annual reviews. These included the most listened to songs, the most popular genres, the number of hours spent with music, favorite artists and much more. In the Spotify app, each user was shown their listening behavior in the form of a story, as is known from Instagram, for example. Each of these elements could be shared by the user via social media.

HR becomes a star - Indeed

Indeed's 2019 Effie Award winning advertising campaign went Early 2020 in the second round. The humorous video clip is about the character Ingrid. She is constantly asked about available jobs at work as her name is easily mistaken for Indeed. She complains that the job portal has now made life difficult for her. Under the title "#Nothing to complain about”Indeed successfully advertises its own brand. The spot manages to attract attention with its wit, storytelling and sympathetic characters. The job portal wants to expand the advertising campaign with additional characters.

Rail against your own product - Amazon

Amazon has wit and self-reflection with the commercial "Not Everything Makes The Cut”Proved. The commercial that appeared on the occasion of the Super Bowl in 2019 pokes fun at its own product “Alexa”, a virtual assistant. Among other things, it is shown how a whirlpool operated by Alexa causes fear and horror among bathers. The interactive dog collar, with which every dog ​​can order new food by barking, is not yet working according to plan. The short film alludes to the criticism that “Alexa” repeatedly encounters in addition to a lot of praise. The company wins the sympathy of the audience because it admits its mistakes in a humorous way and admits that it is not perfect.

Bad example

In addition to well-known and successful content marketing campaigns, there are also those that only apply to the former. They became known, but only because the coup turned out to be conspicuously bad. We are now introducing you to a campaign whose strategy you shouldn't copy.

Despite VR zero number on Instagram - IKEA's “MÜPOLASH”

This campaign definitely did not meet the previously high expectations. At the beginning of 2020, when IKEA launched the fantasy product "MÜPOLASH”, Some people may have thought that the Swedish furniture store had another brilliant idea.

The basic idea behind the strange looking hybrid is based on one Instagram statistics. According to this, users would most often look for posts from mugs, pots, lamps and shelves. IKEA picked up on this trend and produced five copies of the MÜPOLASH, which combines all these pieces of furniture. Users should then place this curious object in their apartment using a virtual reality function and then share that photo on Instagram. The actually clever idea did not lead to the goal, however, because in August 2020 the hashtag # müpolash had just 108 Instagram posts.

But why is that? After all, IKEA only used the most popular search queries, how could the campaign fail like this?

This case proves: one simply merging popular content into a campaign is not enoughto target your leads in a targeted manner. In this case, the central product is simply too special and unusable. In addition, IKEA's target group is so broad that it is hardly possible to address all customers with a single, clumsy campaign.

In addition to many successful campaigns, MÜPOLASH is almost alone - a sign of how well thought out the furniture store's coups are normally.


In a good one Marketing mix may be a comprehensive Content marketing campaign is definitely not missing. Do you want a potential customer to notice you? Then pack the necessary information in a clever way and entertain your prospects without putting your product too much in the foreground. Furthermore, your content should always be aimed at the target group and this one added value Offer. Despite everything, the content offered must be conveyed in a credible manner and at the same time match the product or service. If you can meet these requirements, nothing stands in the way of the first achievements of your content marketing strategy. Have fun storytelling about your product or service!

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