How did you discover your deepest passion

"I've created space for my passion"

Gregor was born in 1985 in Zwettl an der Rodl in Upper Austria. After graduating from the federal high school gymnasium with a focus on art and new media, he studied digital television in Salzburg, during which he completed an exchange year at Bowling Green State University in the USA. He wrote his thesis on transmedia storytelling. He then worked as Jr. Creative Director at the advertising agency provo Marketing and as a social marketing strategist for the online magazine Vangardist, while studying screenwriting at the University of California Los Angeles.

Gregor has lived in Vienna since 2012 and now works as a freelance screenwriter and director. He is currently working on his first feature film project entitled Nevrland. He also runs the blog, which deals with the effects of pornography on sexuality and the question of what actually is a Sex God and how do you become one.

Gregor finds a balance to his work in meditation, weight training and techno parties. He likes going to the cinema or watching films at film festivals or getting lost in the abstract worlds of psychological and philosophical books. When time or financial means allow it, he likes to travel - mostly in big cities like Berlin, Amsterdam, London or New York.

What is your passion?

To understand life and myself. Psychology and philosophy relatively quickly became my lenses through which I look at the world. Especially in psychology, I have always been fascinated by the unconscious. The inner cosmos as Terra Incognito. When it comes to the outer cosmos, my interest begins where our understanding of space and time ends. This is where my interest in philosophy begins.

When did you discover your passion for filmmaking?

I discovered my interest in filmmaking relatively early on. At the age of eight I started to work and experiment with video technology. The fascination and passion has not let up so far.

Why film?

I have always been fascinated by pictures and it has never been difficult for me to express myself visually. Writing, on the other hand, was never really my forte, even if I acquired or had to acquire the skill over time. But I always had an intuitive access to the language of the images. Only later did I understand that this is also related to my interest in the unconscious, because the language of the unconscious is also a pictorial language, as we can experience it every night when we dream.

Where do you find the space to live out your passion?

I created the space for myself. After completing my studies, I first started working in an advertising agency, but I quickly realized that a classic 40 hour week wasn't fulfilling for me. I then decided to give up the financial security, but to create the time for myself to give in to my passion.

What do you do without in order to live out your passion?

At the moment on financial security. But that is less important to me than the feeling of waking up in the morning and knowing that I can work on something that fulfills me.

What is actually the nicest thing about your work?

To be able to deal with topics that cannot be dealt with in “classic” fields of work. I often feel like a discoverer who enters unexplored land and maps it, which of course also has an enormously positive impact on my life and my relationships.

Who are your most important and strongest supporters?

My friend, who above all supports me emotionally and with whom I can grow together, as well as my close friends and mentors, who accompany me on my way, point out to me when I am about to get lost and encourage me when I do the air is out or it becomes uncomfortable.

Who will build you up if it doesn't work out that way?

This is clearly my friend, who gives me the feeling of security and in whose presence I can recharge my energies.

Where will your work take you?

My vision is to penetrate into the deepest soul core and beyond the limits of the known universe. I doubt whether this will ever be the case. But sometimes I ask myself, now somewhat poetically speaking, whether these two points are not one and the same place.

If you like it a little more pragmatic, then I would like to publish a feature film every three years or maybe even a documentary in which I can deal with these life issues.

Can you actually do without this passion for the medium of film?

Yes. For me the film is just a means of expression. The topics and experiences that I deal with in the films are more the passion. Without this it wouldn't work, I think. I always notice this when I have no time to mentally disconnect myself from the material world for a long time, then this can lead to a depressive mood.

Are there certain topics that interest you particularly?

As already described, to understand the existence in general. Probably the biggest theme of my life is fear and especially in the last few years I have been very interested in sexuality and love. Both are terms that are used in a very inflationary manner, which are usually treated very superficially and onto which uncertainties and wishes are projected. But I see both as two strong, if not the strongest, creative life forces.

At the moment I am just about to unleash my perception of the very strong, uncertain patriarchal valuation (in my case) of the Catholic Church.

How do you manage to get people excited about your passion again and again?

I believe that passion is one of the most attractive qualities a person can possess. In the end it doesn't matter what it is for. Passion makes us come alive and that aliveness is what is, at least for me, very attractive. That's why I don't need a big strategy to get someone excited about their passion.

What do your friends, your environment, your family actually say about this commitment?

They all support me and think what I do is good. Even if I should relax a little more sometimes, as they mean.

Do you have any tips for our readers?

Finding one's passion and living it out, in whatever context, is one of the most valuable experiences and sources of energy that I have found. Finding and cultivating these is the key to a fulfilling life for me.

Do you have a wish?

That everyone could indulge their passion fully, then the world would be a more peaceful place.