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Twitch Stream Tutorial: How to Stream on Twitch

If you love video games and want to share your gaming experience with other gamers, you can hardly avoid Twitch: With 15 million active users every day and live videos from more than two million different players per month, the streaming platform is the undisputed one Number one in the gaming scene. The function of Twitch goes far beyond the presentation or tracking of video games: The service that Amazon 2014 for almost has long been a billion dollars has become a social meeting place that connects professional streamers and simple computer game enthusiasts beyond the games. Which Requirements itfor streaming on Twitch to be fulfilled and how that Setting up your own channel succeeds, we explain in this Twitch stream tutorial.

What kind of content is streaming on Twitch suitable for?

Twitch is primarily considered a Contact point for fans of video games for PC and for consoleslike Playstation, Xbox or Nintendo. The majority of the monthly broadcasts are therefore streams in which one of these games is played. With regard to the Genres There are no restrictions on Twitch, which is why you can use the free choice to have. Of course, it is much easier to get as many users as possible excited about your own content if the game being presented has one high level of awareness Has.

A large proportion of the regular Twitch traffic is also made up of transmissions that are otherwise characterized by a direct reference to video games. For example, many operate Game developer and publisher own channels - as well as Magazine operatorwho deal with topics related to games, hardware and Co. Also Twitch streams from Esports events including interviews, expert panels, etc. and from Gaming conventions are enjoying growing popularity.

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Although Twitch's focus is on the gaming scene, the platform is also gaining relevance for streamers and users with other interests. Content categories like IRL (I.n-real-life), creative, fitness or music offer space for Issues beyond the computer world - regardless of whether it's politics, cooking, health, handicrafts, fashion or music. For a more detailed overview of the development and importance of streaming on Twitch, see our basic article on “What is Twitch?”.

Twitch streaming: the technical requirements

Before you set up your own Twitch channel and make all the important settings for broadcasting your videos, you must first create the appropriate technical framework. When it comes to hardware, there are three basic areas to consider:

  • System performance: The broadcast of a Twitch stream takes up additional system resources, which is why you should always ensure sufficient computing power. For example, for streaming PC games, Twitch recommends at least one Intel Core i5-4670 or a comparable AMD model as well eight gigabytes of RAM. At least Windows 7 is required as the operating system. With game consoles - the hardware setup of which is largely predetermined - you do not have to go into such detail to know whether the system is suitable: Here it is usually sufficient to check whether the version used by the streaming platformsupported becomes.

  • Webcam: In principle, it is possible to only transmit video material that has no personal reference whatsoever. For example, it is not absolutely necessary to inform the audience (parallel to the image scenes from the video game being played) via Live recording showcase. Nevertheless, there is hardly a successful stream on Twitch in which the person responsible does not show himself to his audience personally. Because the streamer's emotions become much clearer when viewers can see his reactions immediately. Corresponding webcams that deliver images in HD quality are already available in the low double-digit euro range.

  • microphone: Even if the most important component of live video - especially in video games - is of course the picture, the importance of sound quality should not be underestimated. Music as background music for the streamed Twitch content is not uncommon, but as a permanent solution it quickly leads to boredom among viewers. With your own sound commentary give your stream on Twitch that certain something. A simple Headset microphone serve. However, if you have a higher Quality standard want to meet is the use of one USB stand microphones to recommend.



With another click you load the video from YouTube. In this case, YouTube can set cookies over which we have no influence.

It is also necessary that you have a existing internet connection with sufficient Bandwidth feature. Otherwise your Twitch stream will run very slowly or not be transmitted to the potential viewer at all.

Streaming on Twitch: this is how it works

As soon as you have put together the hardware you want, you can start using the Setting up your Twitch account and start linking to the streaming software (also called broadcasting software). With the latter, you have the option of choosing between different solutions such as Bebo, Gameshow, XSplit Gamecaster or the OBS Studio used in this Twitch Stream tutorial. A list of the most common tools can be found on the official Twitch page.

Step 1: install streaming software

First, choose a broadcasting application and then visit its website to download the installation file. The one used in this tutorial OBS Studio can be downloaded free of charge from obsproject.com, for example. This open source program, the source code of which can be expanded and adapted by anyone, runs under Windows as well as under macOS and Linux. Simply select the version that suits your needs and, after downloading, start the installation process by double-clicking the file or the shell command.

Step 2: create a Twitch account

The next step is to create a user account on Twitch. To do this, go to the Twitch page and select the "Register" button located in the top right-hand corner of the navigation bar. Registration, where you only have one Username velvet password choose and one Valid Email Address have to specify, as in principle Twitch itself is free of charge. The conclusion of the paid Prime subscription, which links the platform with the Prime offer from Amazon, among other things, is not a prerequisite for streaming on Twitch. After entering the data you will receive an Confirmation email included Verification link. Click on it to complete the registration.

Step 3: Set up the Twitch channel

As soon as you have completed the registration, you can log in with your newly created Twitch account and start creating your personal video channel. To do this, open the Settings via the corresponding entry in the user menu, which can be opened by clicking on the triangle symbol in the navigation bar. This will first take you to your profile menu, where you can find the Display names (can be identical to the username) and the profile pic for your Twitch stream and a description (biography) of up to 300 characters for yourself or your channel.

To configure your Twitch channel, switch to the "Channel and Videos" tab. There you can make basic settings in four areas:

  • Channel design: Insert under the menu item "Channel design" banner that will be shown to Twitch users when your Channel currently offline is. Click on “Browse” and upload the desired image file by specifying the storage location and confirming the selection “Open”. So that the entire player is filled by the banner, it should have an aspect ratio of 16: 9.

  • Automatic hosting: Twitch offers the possibility to host broadcasts from other streamers on your own channel. In this way, you can, for example, present content to your followers while you are away. The Hosting feature but also offers the possibility of a foreign stream together with your viewers and to accompany with your own audio commentary. Activate "Automatic hosting" if you want to send external channels automatically as soon as they are online. You specify the desired channels via the "Host List" (randomly or sorted by priority).

  • Parental control filter: If you are streaming content that is not appropriate for younger viewers, be sure to mark your channel accordingly by checking the box next to "Adult content" put.

  • Chat: Twitch will automatically assist you in moderating your channel chat. The so-called “AutoMod” automatically examines the audience's contributions for swear expressions, swear words or racist remarks and filters out corresponding hits. You determine the Filtering strength - from rule 0 (blocks only terms you have defined) to rule 4 (high level of moderation by "AutoMod"). You can also set that only viewers who have confirmed their email address on Twitch can use the chat. By ticking the box "Block links"Posted URLs are automatically deleted if they are not from you or moderators or admins.

Step 4: configure the Twitch stream

After you have created the basis for your channel in the previous step, you can now deal with the Design of the stream deal. Open the already known user menu via the triangle symbol and navigate to the button of the same name Dashboard. In addition to the possibility of writing messages in the chat of your channel, this overview menu also offers access to viewer statistics and a list of all streamers. For the configuration of the Twitch stream, however, the menu item "Stream information", Under which you can make settings for the following five areas:

title The title tells the Twitch community in 140 characters what you are presenting in your stream. Use the most important keywords in order to be found as easily as possible via the internal search engine.
Live notification Your followers will receive the live notification as soon as you broadcast live (if they have activated the function). 140 characters are also available for this every four hours.
Game / category Assign your stream to the appropriate category on Twitch in order to draw the attention of those users who search in the respective section. Alternatively, select the game you are playing at this point.
Communities You can specify up to three communities whose members your broadcast will be proposed to.
language Enter the language in which your Twitch stream will be broadcast. The setting can also be transferred to the channel's chat by ticking the "Restrict chat language" box.

Step 5: Link broadcasting software to Twitch

Now start OBS Studio (or the streaming software you have selected) to make the last settings required for the live transmission. OBS will By defaultwith English voice output installed, in the settings ("Settings") you can easily German as the language for the user interface. To confirm this change, you have to press the "Apply" button and restart the program. In the settings menu you will also find the item "Stream“, Which you need for the further configuration of your Twitch stream.

You can leave the default settings for the stream type and platform unchanged, as can the automatic selection of the server - OBS Studio always selects the Twitch server that is best suited for your streaming activities. The key point is the “stream key”, which is used to establish the connection between the streaming software and your channel. In order to be able to enter this key, it is necessary to briefly enter the Twitch dashboard return and call up the menu item "Settings".

Click the entry "Stream key" and then "Show key". The subsequent dialog window gives you the important hint, the Do not give keys to other peopleto pass on (not even Twitch employees, moderators or admins). If you close the message box by clicking on "I understand", Twitch will present you with the key that you can send via Copy and paste in the corresponding line in OBS Studio. With "Apply" you save the entry with which the Link complete is.

It is possible to have your Twitch streams recorded automatically. To do this, simply check the box next to "Save previous transmissions". Your transmissions will then be archived as VOD (Video on Demand) for up to 14 days. Twitch stores previous transmissions from partners and Prime / Turbo users for up to 60 days.

Step 6: start the Twitch stream

The course for streaming on Twitch has been set so that you can now start your first broadcast on the streaming platform. Right-click on the "Sources" box in the OBS Studio interface and add the desired Recording source (s) (Video, game, window, browser, etc.).

By clicking on the button "Studio mode“You can display a preview. That way you can align all elements perfectlyas long as you work with several transmission components - such as the recording of game scenes in combination with a webcam recording of yourself. If the representation corresponds to your ideas, start the transfer via the button "Start streaming". If you want to end the transmission, stop your Twitch stream by clicking on "Stop streaming".

Detailed information about the Fine tuning of the video and sound settings in OBS Studio delivers the following OBS studio tutorial of YouTuber Nilson1489:

With another click you load the video from YouTube. In this case, YouTube can set cookies over which we have no influence.

This is how Twitch streaming works on PS4

If you want to present PS4 games in your stream on Twitch, you don't need any separate broadcasting software, just the Twitch app. As usual, this can be found in the PlayStation Store. Simply use the search function and enter “Twitch” in the search mask before you press “Download”. Once you have installed the application, there are only a few steps left to use the streaming platform via the Sony console:

  1. Start the game that you want to show your viewers.

  2. Press the SHAREButton on your PS4 controller and select the item "Broadcast game" out.

  3. In the following window, select Twitch as the desired platform for your broadcast.

  4. You will be asked to log into Twitch or create a new account if you have not already done so.

  5. After logging in, you will be given access to the broadcasting menu, where you can configure your Twitch stream. Among other things, it is possible to record the live recording with the PlayStation camera and the sound transmission via the Activate the microphone. At this point you also specify whether the Comments from the audience should be displayed on the screen (the game in this case runs in a minimized window).

  6. Finally, insert the title and the quality for the stream on Twitch and start the transmission with the option "Start livestream".

To end the stream, simply press the SHARE button again and select "End transmission".

How to stream Xbox One games on Twitch

There is also a ready-made one for the Xbox One Twitch appthat makes the use of special streaming software unnecessary. You can get this from the Xbox Store download for free. Call the store for this purpose via the homescreen and search for "Twitch" using the internal search. Then download the appropriate app and then do the following to start Twitch streaming on your Xbox One:

  1. Sign in to your Twitch account on a PC or mobile device. If you don't already have an account, create one first.

  2. As soon as you are logged into the streaming platform with another device, open the Twitch app on your Xbox One and press the "Register" button.

  3. You will be prompted for the link twitch.tv/activateon the external device and there the enter the six-digit codepresented to you by the Twitch app on the game console.

  4. The Twitch account is now linked to your Xbox Live account. To stream you must have your Xbox Live presence status be sure to set it to "Online" (otherwise your Twitch stream will remain hidden from other users). Also, check the general settings of your Xbox to see if you have other Allow usersTo see your online status.

  5. To configure your stream, click on "Transfer" and then on "Next". The first time you start Twitch, you will automatically run one Performance test through to the optimal Set the bitrate for your broadcasting. In the next few steps you can activate the Kinect camera and microphone.

  6. Finally, give your Twitch stream an expressive title before you select the game you want and the stream using the "Start transfer“Put online.

If you click on the Voice control function To access your Xbox, you can also easily start your stream with the “Xbox Broadcast” command. If you want to switch off the Twitch stream again later, the words "Stop Xbox transmission" are sufficient.

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