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1000 questions to ask yourself # 32

621: Who did you recently say goodbye to?

Fortunately, I haven't had to say goodbye to anyone in a long time and I also hope that it will stay that way for a very long time. When I say goodbye, however, it occurs to me that I have said goodbye to a phase of life. From us as a family of four, from me as the mom of two, from the idea of ​​having more children.

622: Are you (or would you be) a boy mother or a girl mother?

I am both! And although I wished for a second girl until it was clear that we would have a son, I can say: it's great to have girls. And it's great to have guys. Somehow gender doesn't matter anymore (at least not for me) because as soon as you feel them, as soon as you have them in your arms, they are your own children. People, personalities. Boy or girl, it doesn't really matter.

623: Have you ever designed an individual postcard?

No, I just used to make birthday cards myself a lot.

624: How would your family describe you?

Wow, that's a tough question. I think I'll just ask my family and then hand in the answer.

625: How do you choose your clothes?

For a long time only by color, pattern, whether it feels good and fits well. Since I saw a film about fast fashion at the beginning of the year, I've been grappling with the subject more. I try to buy from companies that produce fairly and sustainably. Companies that use used cardboard boxes to ship their clothes. I try to go into stores and find parts that I need there. Overall, I'm trying to buy less.

The only thing I haven't discovered for myself is second hand. I have to rummage around with a lot of time.

626: Which of your traits do you dislike?

I am quite sensitive to noise. I hate that myself at all. I love music, but when someone whistles crookedly or knocks for a long time, makes strange noises while eating, construction site noise, too many noises at once ... that drives me crazy.

And because there is a lot of hustle and bustle and a corresponding background noise in a family of five, I would like to be more relaxed in this regard.

627: Which dish would you most like to eat every day?

Fete and vegetables pan. Or red cabbage with dumplings and parmesan cream sauce and the same thing the next day with fried dumplings.

628: How do you feel when you walk through a zoo?

With an ambivalent feeling. Especially with the elephants, for example. It's amazing to see elephants up close, but then again, they're just trapped.

629: On which matter would you have had to show your limits earlier?

I can't think of any.

630: Which film do you think is the best worst film ever made?

I can not say that. If I don't like a movie, I don't finish watching it.

631: Is Every Day a New Beginning?

My first impulse would be: yes. On the other hand, some disagreements and disputes last the night, you can't sleep on them and everything is fine again. But with the passage of the night you can maybe just really make a new beginning.

632: What is your favorite place to go on a first date?

I can't say either. I had four first dates in my life, all in different locations.

633: When was the last time you had to hold back?

Shit, there was actually a situation lately ... but unfortunately I can't remember exactly.

634: Can you imitate someone?


635: What should you have done much earlier?

I take care of a babysitter, time for myself and time for the two of us.

636: Do you always sing along in the car?

Yeah, preferably really loud!

637: Who would you like to swap with?

Forever? With no one. For one day ... with many.

638: When was the last time you cheered violently?

At the World Cup.

639: How's your love life going?

I'll say: seven week old baby.

640: What do you get inspired by?

A lot inspires me. Silence, for example, when my thoughts can finally get out loud. Instagram of course, Pinterest and that means: blogs. People on the street inspire me. Sentences, words. My children.

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