What kind of nerf arrows are there

Nerf darts - you can never have enough of them

Without nerf darts, no nerf fun. The Nerf product world is only rounded off with the small foam darts. But the small projectiles bring a little problem with them. They love to fly behind pieces of furniture or end up in the neighbor's garden. Nerf darts are exposed to a lot of hardships. They are kinked, stowed in the trouser pocket or nibbled on by the dog. Even if Nerf darts can withstand a lot, they are consumables and have to be replaced every now and then. Not only Nerf fans know this, but also numerous manufacturers. In addition to the original darts, there are many inexpensive alternatives.


The original Nerf darts from Hasbro

For each Nerf series there is a Nerf arrow that matches the design. So the package of blaster and dart is completely rounded off.

The most frequently asked question is: Which Nerf darts are compatible with my Nerf Blaster?

The answer is astonishingly simple. The only exception is the Nerf MEGA series. It shoots very large darts that are not compatible with the other series. The standard Nerf arrow is the so-called Elite Dart. It has a length of 73 mm and a diameter of 13 mm and is compatible with the following series:

The Nerf MEGA darts are not only significantly larger than Elite Darts, but also have another great feature. Fired MEGA darts fly whistling through the air and thus frighten the opponent.



However, it doesn't always have to be original Nerf darts

There are a large number of Nerf arrows that are available in large numbers for just a few euros. There are even some alternatives for the Nerf Mega series. This quickly raises questions about the extent to which these Nerf arrows differ from the original darts. Amazingly, there are basically no major differences here. Some alternative Nerf darts are even made of a harder foam and thus fly even better through the air.

Here you can find some alternative Nerf arrows on Amazon:


frequently asked Questions

Here we answer all your questions!

There are basically two different sizes. The well-known small, narrow elite darts and the very large, red darts of the MEGA series. The majority of all blasters are compatible with the small Elite darts.
The darts of the AccuStrike series, with a dart head made of slanted blades, achieve good results. Because of their size, the MEGA darts fly very precisely. But be careful, only compatible with the blasters of the MEGA series.


Nerf series overview