How can I improve the page speed of the website?

Optimizing a website - these are the biggest construction sites

What role does performance play in modern web hosting?

Nowadays, users expect everything to be available at all times - this also applies to our customers' websites. These have to be delivered in the shortest possible time in order to avoid a decline in visitors. In order to deliver a website quickly, we have developed the perfect basis with http / 2, PHP7.1 and our SSD platform. In addition, we have now developed the 1 & 1 Performance Level. In this way we guarantee the best performance in the web hosting area - flexibly adaptable at any time.

What do I need which performance level for what?

A simple, less complex website only needs a low performance level. An extensive online shop with, for example, many articles or many visitors requires a correspondingly high level of performance. But this is exactly where you are very flexible with the performance levels. If you need more performance because suddenly more visitors come to the website, it is no problem to book a higher performance level. Conversely, if the needs change downwards, it is not a problem to downgrade the performance level.

How can I adjust the performance level?

Our new web hosting offers a performance level dashboard in the 1 & 1 Control Center. Our customers can see the current consumption of the web hosting package as well as the recommended performance directly and easily. The change is also kept simple. Even inexperienced users can change performance levels here with just a few clicks. A tariff change is not necessary for this.