How much is thirteen minus six

M3: Thirteen minus six equals minus two

The squad planning for the game of the third men's team against TSV Neckartenzlingen turned out to be more than difficult for the coaches. Six players from the first game of the season were not available. It was only thanks to Lennard Schatz and Jonas Brecht from the second team and assistant coach Stefan Schlosser that at least a few substitute players were able to be put on the bench.

The newly thrown together pile had coordination problems in the defense right from the start and nothing at all came together in the attack in the first six minutes of the game. The first time-out had to be taken when the score was 1: 6. The speech had an effect and the defense was now more compact and forced the opponent to throw from the back area again and again. Up front, they patiently achieved good chances again and again. In the meantime it was 4:10. Those who now believed that the SG would have made it into the game were unfortunately disappointed. Weak finishes on the post, next to the goal or on the goalkeeper made for an extremely poor result of only two goals in the remaining 20 minutes. In return, the opponent used his countless ricochets ice cold and pulled away to 6:13 by half time.
The second half started out with a majority. In the front, Jonas Brecht used it for a quick hit, but in the back the double man marking offered the opponent enough space, so Neckartenzlingen thanked him with three simple goals. The following minutes were marked by time penalties on both sides, from which the guests benefited a little more and were able to extend their lead to 13:22 in the 46th minute. On the part of the home team, the thin staff deck was also noticeable in terms of fitness and so the remaining minutes could no longer be used to catch up. Ultimately, the guests won, also deserved at the height with 19:28.

For the SG played: Viktor Schrof, Stefan Clauß (TW); Matthias Wörner (1/1), Felix Müller (1), Stefan Schlosser, Jannis Wörner, Steffen Wohlfahrt (1), Nico Spießhofer (2/2), Sören Richter, Lennard Schatz (1), Oliver Schmidt, Matthias Besemer, Jonas Brecht (4)