Do animals feel sexual pleasure

Sex in the animal kingdom: "With most animals, the pure act is short and not pleasurable. The prelude and epilogue are all the more complex" / Andreas Kieling on the love life of animals

Hamburg (ots) - During the mating season, the hormones go crazy. There is a state of emergency. Even in the animal kingdom. A stroke of luck for animal filmmakers: "Males make mistakes and become careless. This is the opportunity for recordings that would otherwise not be possible," says Andreas Kieling in an interview with the animal and nature magazine TIERWELT live (from tomorrow, October 18, 2013, in stores ).

"With most animals, the pure act is short and not pleasurable. The foreplay and aftermath are all the more complex. The polar buffalo, for example, which otherwise only eats and rests, fights for as much as it can during the mating season. The winner does a five-second Nude, compulsively driven. After that, however, the polar buffaloes obviously feel satisfaction, "says the author of the book" May beetles can last longest ".

The brown hare stands for sexual performance. However, if the rabbit is not yet ready to mate, she will punch her pursuers in the head with her hind legs. Some are stunned by it. Not a gentleman at all, some rabbits strike back. Which obviously stimulates the rabbit.

The moose cows are emancipated. Here the elk cows court the males. And dolphins raise questions in science about the existence of homosexuality in the animal kingdom. "Dolphin males often appear as a boy band and react to one another's instincts. They even go so far as to stick each other's penis into each other's nostrils," says the passionate animal watcher.

The bonobos have the most sex in the animal kingdom - "all year round and every one and a half hours," says Kieling. Her penis and testicles are correspondingly large. "By the way, bonobos always do missionary positions. It's energy-saving and quick," says the 54-year-old.

The cockchafer can last the longest. Four hours and more - depending on the weather. "The female gets so bored in between that she starts eating again or falls asleep. The male stays docked all the time, falls down at some point and dies," says the adventurer, who has lived in the Alaskan wilderness for 14 years.

Chimpanzees and gorillas are most similar to humans during sexual intercourse. "We know from them that they like to have sex and get an orgasm," said Andreas Kieling in the TIERWELT live interview.

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