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© Paul Golla / pixelio.de

© Paul Golla / pixelio.de

Drinking water is the most important food. It has to be free from pathogens, fit for human consumption and pure. Chemical substances must not be contained in harmful concentrations. Drinking water must also be perfect in terms of taste, smell and appearance. Regular checks ensure this.


The water supply companies are responsible for the purity and harmlessness of drinking water. In Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, the health authorities of the districts and independent cities are responsible for monitoring the quality of drinking water. On-site controls and sampling are carried out by the district health authorities, which are included in the LAGuS quality assurance system.

The LAGuS was designated by the state government MV as an independent body that has to regularly check whether the drinking water laboratories approved and listed in the state meet the relevant requirements and requirements.

You can find the compilation of the drinking water inspection bodies listed in the country under Publications, Other, here.

All information regarding the approval of drinking water testing bodies can be found here.