Why is Singapore called Little India

Little India in Singapore - Tips, Food Courts, and Sights

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Hardly any other district we liked during our stay in Singapore as much as Little India. In this article we would like to introduce you to Little India in Singapore and show you why you shouldn't miss this district. Culture, exotic spices and of course delicious food await you in a Hakwer Center.

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How to get to Little India

Little India is probably the most colorful part of Singapore and can be easily reached by public transport in Singapore, such as the bus or the subway. “Little India” is the perfect stop. From here you can reach all sights and shops within a few minutes. As an alternative to the subway, you can take the bus and go to Serangoon Road. Google Maps is perfect for planning the route.

The Serangoon Road

Serangoon Road is the perfect starting point to explore Little India. It's a colorful street right in the center of Little India. From here you can reach many shops, small markets and visit some of the great Hindu temples. If you have to pay attention to the budget, you will also find a few small hotels here that offer cheap rooms. It is about 18 kilometers from the airport to Little India and it takes about an hour by local transport.

Indian food in the Tekka Center

Every district in Singapore has at least one hawker center, a large hall in which there are small restaurants, more like kitchens, and where you can often only buy a few dishes. However, the dishes are tasty, authentic and also very cheap. The Tekka Center is located in Little India and you will find a gigantic selection of Indian dishes that we just fell in love with.

You can put your food together individually because you order each ingredient or dish individually. From butter chicken, naan and tandoori you can really find everything that Indian cuisine has to offer. We ate at the Tekka Center almost every day and it always tasted great.

Tip - Teh Tarik

Individual stalls sell Teh Tarik, a sweetened tea made from spices, which can be drunk cold or warm. At first we were a little skeptical about whether the tea tasted good, but it seemed to be very popular, so we got one and folks, honestly, it just tastes really great.

Shopping in Little India

In Little India there are many shops where you can buy clothes or spices, for example. For us, the clothes take, let's say, getting used to and optically don't quite fit into our fashionable pattern. However, everywhere in Little India you can find small shops selling spices and here it is really time to shop, shop and shop again.

Hindu temple

We also found the numerous Hindu temples that can be found in Little India particularly worth seeing. They are a mixture of a sight for tourists and the center of life for many Indians who live in Singapore. Unfortunately, some tourists were completely disrespectful and took photos and videos while people were praying in the temple. You wouldn't even think of going to church on a Sunday and taking selfies there while mass is being held.

Is Little India worth a visit?

I found Little India really worth seeing. The district is an incredible contrast to the rest of Singapore, with its sights and skyscrapers. Everything seems smaller and more relaxed and you feel a bit like you are really in an Indian city. The district is very lively, there is something to discover everywhere and it is very, very colorful. In addition to Chinatown, Little India is one of the districts that you absolutely have to visit once.