What is KPO in a call center

Data acquisition - scan service - archiving - digitization

Data acquisition

Digitization - direct communication is becoming more and more important. A well-maintained and constantly up-to-date database is therefore the be-all and end-all of successful measures.

Manual and automatic Data acquisition of all kinds of documents. - Paper, fax, email, scan, audio, PDF, TIF, Excel, Word, CSV, SPSS, Internet ... More about data acquisition

Scan service

Digital archiving - We are currently recording / checking / processing over 40,000,000 documents / emails / faxes / images / audio files, and scanning / reading / recognizing currently around 15,000,000 documents / images per year.

OCR - ICR - OMR - IWR- BCR and archiving ...
We take care of your data in small and large quantities - the document archive 5.0
More about the scan service


Direct Marketing - Dialogue Marketing - Customer Care- Recording and a call alone does not make a customer. At BSD you also get the services that go hand in hand with customer acquisition and customer loyalty.

After scanning, recognizing, capturing, processing, enriching or purchasing data, we have a complete lettershop available to you. More about the lettershop and call center

We specialize in automated document processes and have been offering professional document management (DMS) and CRM outsourcing services for 50 years (1969), as well as software for all aspects of communication with our clients' customers.

As a service provider, we are continuously working on your digital transformation. Digitization is worth it.
Even individual measures generate digital added value and have a positive effect on your sales development, for example.

  • Data acquisition and data maintenance: automatic & manual data acquisition (from A for reply card to R for invoice to Z for newspaper article)
  • Scan service: Documents are digitized with the help of a high-performance document scanner and saved as an image.
  • recognition: The data from the images are recognized with the help of our software via OCR-ICR-OMR-IWR and databases are written.
  • Archiving: Saved documents are electronically saved forever, and sometimes physically archived in warehouses for up to 30 years.
  • Lettershop & Mail: We receive / scan, send and process your letters / emails / faxes in small and large quantities.
  • Inbound & Outbound Call Center: In modern direct marketing, the sound makes the music.
  • Direct marketing with a customer response center: Letter - Fax - Email - Call - We take care of your data - in our own BSD IT system or via VPN / Internet in the IT system of our clients. - Germany-wide service provider from Hamburg, Berlin, Cologne to Munich.

  • CRM full-service provider company group: BSD-Communication Center GmbH, BSD-Wirtschaftsdienste GmbH, TelSoft GmbH

    ✍ Data acquisition ✇ Scanning service ➥ Document archiving ✉ Lettershop @ e-Lettershop ✆ Call center

    Internet domain names registered by us - Our Domains: BSD
    bsd-cc.de, bsdcc.de, bsd-cc.com, bsdhh.de, bsd.site, bsd.hamburg, bsd.koeln

    The spectrum of our company today includes all services in connection with data-supported communication.
    Automatic and manual data acquisition, scan service, electronic archiving of files and documents of all kinds, high-performance call center, printing and sending of personalized mailings including processing of returns to sending invoices / confirmations by letter, fax and email.

    Digitization - everything from a single source.

    With our own software such as MultiKey (data acquisition, digitization, and image processing) and TeleKey (telephone marketing), as well as ABBYY's Certified Partner (FlexiCapture - automatic document recognition and capture with OCR- ICR- OMR- IWR- BCR) we can quickly and individually meet the needs and requirements of our clients and execute and implement the orders with the utmost professionalism.

    Interfaces client ↔ contractor

    In connection with databases (VPN) provided by the client, or their own BSD databases, such as international bank registers (IBAN check), name databases (approx. 841,000 last names and 76,000 first names including salutation key), as well as always up-to-date postcode (DA CH) registers (LKZ, zip code, street, town, districts, house numbers and area codes) and many other databases that have been collected and maintained over the years, we offer data processing at the highest level and quality, always in compliance with the EU GDPR.

    BPO - KPO - Business / Knowledge Process Outsourcing - Outsourcing of business processes

    The Business process outsourcing (BPO) is a special form of outsourcing and describes the outsourcing of entire business processes.
    For many companies, business process outsourcing is becoming an important option when it comes to saving costs and minimizing their risks. These business processes are often office services of various kinds, such as the outsourcing of data acquisition, the outsourcing of the internal call center, or the printing and sending of letters to their customers / members / donors.
    BPO differs from other forms of outsourcing in that it is not part of the organizational structure (i.e. an organizational unit / department) but part of the process organization that is outsourced. The term Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) is also used.
    As an external BPO full-service provider, we have been providing all of these office services to the complete satisfaction of our customers for 50 years.

    Knowledge process outsourcing
    Compared to Business Process Outsourcing, Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) outsources more complex and labor-intensive tasks. KPO service providers employ employees with specific skills and precise knowledge of a specific domain, technology or industry. The expert knowledge and the high-quality training of the employees represent the essential difference to business process outsourcing. As a KPO service provider, we also take over the business processes for you in many areas. Just give us a call or send us an email.

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