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Antique mirror window

Antique Mirror Window: I bought an antique mirror window from Etsy last week. Customer service was perfect and super friendly. Despite the extensive packaging, a mirror pane was broken. The new mirror came two days later. It cannot be taken for granted. I am very satisfied and look forward to my purchase. Thanks Stefan !! :)
Greetings Christa

Criminal! FINGERS OFF ETSY !!!

I was cheated here twice, plagiarism, fakes and fakes are sold to customers for horrendous sums, no buyer protection, no possibility of contacting customer service, sellers don't care a shit.
I've been cheated out of hundreds of euros here.
With a lot of luck, I passed a criminal complaint for product piracy and trademark infringement, something like that is punished with extremely high fines and also imprisonment for up to 5 years, but that interests neither etsy itself nor the criminal salespeople there!
This platform is super dangerous, FINGER AWAY !!!!

€ 200 burned

I only ordered an article because the seller offered "Withdrawal accepted". Unfortunately, the article did not fit and is also completely inferior in quality. When I wanted to send it back (at my own expense, of course), the seller informed me that he would not accept returns for repayment - in accordance with his terms and conditions. Now I wanted to report the "burning" of my € 200 in a review and explain this scam to other potential buyers. However, ratings about the seller's customer service are hidden by Etsy and have no influence on the seller's overall rating. So you are welcome to write and submit a negative review, but you can also write it on a piece of paper and throw it away - has exactly the same effect. Can only advise everyone to buy something there.

Have bought several times and none ...

Have bought several times and had no problems. On the contrary, they were very well served even without knowledge of English. Dealers I had were nice, friendly and helpful. What I often miss, however, are the washing instructions for fabrics, because I like to wash at 60 degrees. Still 5 stars because everything always worked out perfectly with delivery and even postage reimbursement.

Etsy is great

I have already ordered several times from Etsy. The contact with the seller is always excellent, if there are any difficulties, Etsy helps with the solution. Absolutely well thought-out and well-functioning site. Best service.