How does a tortoise taste

Even if I get a lot of nasty comments now, I've been burning the question of how the turtle tastes for a long time. Until a good 30 years ago you could buy them in cans, but I'm too young for that. Has anyone had any experience in this regard? In various indigenous peoples, turtles are still on the menu and in Germany we ate almost all local Emys until a good 100 years ago.

In addition, I will immediately add the question of what the whole thing looks like legally. Is it legal to take a turtle you have brought yourself around the corner (to put it nicely) and eat it? Species protection is aimed more at the animals in the habitats than at their own offspring in the German garden.

Please don’t get me wrong, I’m not going to fry one of my turtles, but I’m curious.


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I think the question is okay, although I had to swallow right at the headline.
I remember a friend of my husband's (he wasn't back then) had a can of turtle soup in the basement. I thought that was disgusting back then. However, I wouldn't eat snakes, frogs, isopods - either.
Some peoples do not eat cheese, they are disgusted with it.
I don't know what that looks like from a purely legal point of view, presumably you would simply not register the animals you eat yourself. In some countries where animals live that are protected by our species, the animals can be eaten there with impunity, but they can neither be imported live nor dead.

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Hello guest,
I admit, I've also wondered what turtles taste like. I've been to turtle sections and know that the inside of the shell is mostly made up of organs. Muscle meat is only found on the limbs, and on the shoulder and tail region. The main question I ask myself is which parts of the turtle are eaten ...

I've been offered turtle meat in the Dominican Republic, but I haven't eaten it.

I've already tried eggs from my thb. (I have around 70 eggs a year, most of which I dispose of) When you hit them in the pan, the egg white stays slimy. At some point the yolk becomes firm and light, similar to a chicken egg. I didn't like the eggs, so I would describe the taste as earthy and fishy.


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There are things that I don't even want to know. I'm not at all curious what cat, dog or human meat tastes like. I will also go into the Eleusian realms so blissfully. Amen!

The Mayer

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Hello coati,
I don't think your question is bad either. But I think it's the wrong people you picked for an answer;)
I don't think anyone will have tried this on a turtle forum.

LG Marianne

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