The Nintendo Switch will be cheaper

Nintendo Switch

Innovative game console from Nintendo

The Nintendo Switch game console is characterized by arevolutionary concept Off: You connect the console to your television or take it with you as a handheld console, without interrupting your game. The Joy-Con controller the right and left are removable and adapt to your type of game: plugged together as a controller, as part of the console in handheld mode or passed on to a friend for a game for two, without a TV.

Product features
Item weight398 g
Display size (in inches)6.20 in
supported resolution (s)1080p full HD
attached hardware2 x controller
Features d. ControllersLoudspeaker / player identification / outwardly curved analog sticks / microphone / vibration / headset connection via 3.5mm jack / volume control

Shared fun

Enjoy the flexible multiplayer with up to eight consoles together, or with up to eight players on a console. You can choose between the Joy-Cons, individually or as a pair, and Pro controllers with and without cables. Pro controllers correspond to normal console controllers and offer you a more ergonomic grip and more precise control - for hours of fun even with complex games.

battery pack
Term d. Batteries6 h
Loading time d. Batteries3 h
Capacity d. Batteries4310 mAh

Your games, your choice

You experience your games in HDwhether at home on a television or on the go on the 6.2 inch multi-touch screen. With the now clear selection of games for the Switch, you are spoiled for choice: decide between single and multiplayer games of various genres, digital or analog. You buy games as cartridges, which are small game cards that contain games and that you insert individually into the console. Or you can download games digitally directly from the Nintendo e-shop and always have them with you in the expandable memory.

Hard disk (type)Flash memory
integrated memory32 GB
Memory expansionmicroSD card