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The current Pi arithmetic record belongs to the American Timothy Mullican, who on January 29, 2020 surpassed the previous record holder Google by over 18 trillion places, thus breaking the record 50 trillion decimal places (50,000,000,000,000) screwed up. Information on the last Pi calculation records can be found in the y-cruncher record list.

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A new record holder has been there since March 14, 2019 31.4 trillion decimal places to admire. Emma Haruka Iwao from Google achieved 31,415,926,535,897 decimal places with the help of Google's cloud computing servers. This surpassed Peter Trüb's old record by almost 9 trillion places. Google actually set the record on January 21, 2019, but waited until Pi Day 2019 to publish it. A clever advertising move, as the announcement on Pi Day attracts exorbitantly more attention than on any other day. Of course there was also an entry in the Guinness Book of Records. 25 cloud nodes worked on the record for 111.8 days; one machine alone would have needed 2,795 days for this. 1.4 TB of computer memory and 240 TB of hard disk space in the form of SSDs were used. It might take some time for someone else to push Google from number 1 in the PI world rankings. In addition to a lot of resources, such calculations also require a lot of time - and therefore a lot of money in total.

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Crass 22.4 trillion digits of pi were calculated by the Swiss Peter Trüb with the help of the y-cruncher software that was used in earlier records. The official date of the new Pi decimal place record is November 11, 2016. DECTRIS, Peter Trüb's employer, provided the calculating machine - a DELL PowerEdge 930 server with 4 hyper-threaded 18-core Intel Xeon CPUs with 1.25 TB RAM and 24 * 6 TB hard drives, which adds up to a remarkable 144 TB hard drive space. The computing time is said to have been 105 days, almost twice as fast as the previous record.

Funnily enough, Peter Trüb came up with a special number as a calculation target. On πe * 1012= 22,459,157,718,361 digits exactly, the end result should have been calculated.

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The previous record was at 13.3 trillion jobs and is said to have been calculated by an unspecified person (houkouonchi) using the y-cruncher software. The date for this Pi world record was October 8, 2014. The calculation of the sequence of digits is said to have taken 208 days. Information on the person and the record is not that easy to find on the web.

The previous record for pi was held by Alexander J. Yee and Shigeru Kondo. Her Pi world record was dated December 28, 2013 and brought it up 12.1 trillion jobs from pi after the comma. Details are available under 12.1 Trillion Digits of Pi. If you look closely, it was 12,100,000,000,050 digits that the duo was able to calculate on relatively cheap hardware.

With a 2 x Intel Xeon E5-2690 @ 2.9 GHz server, 128 GB RAM and a good 80 TB disk space, they managed to beat their old world record (October 16, 2011) of 10 trillion positions within 94 days. Shigeru Kondo was responsible for the hardware, and Alexander Yee provided the software. The latter was working at Google 😉 at the time of his 12.1 trillion record

Where is the record in pi memorizing?

The Indian Suresh Kumar Sharma holds the current world record for memorizing the number PI with 70,030 decimal places. The record was set on October 21, 2015. The lecture lasted a good 17 hours. He replaces the previous record holder Rajveer Meena, who called up 70,000 positions in a competition at the VIT University of Vellore. At the time, Rajveer needed around 9 1/2 hours to count all the digits.