How unique is the earth

Planet earth - unique and enigmatic

Information 60/2016

How did our earth actually come about? What is it made of and how old is it? Marc ter Horst answered these and many other questions about our beautiful planet with our EMYS non-fiction book award winner in December “Wow - Die Erde! Discover our wonderful planet ”. It takes readers 10 years and older on an exciting journey: from the core of the earth to the top layer of the earth's atmosphere, from the rainforest to the equator to the snowy areas at the poles, and from the birth of the earth to its inevitable end. The author also explains topics such as climate change, the Big Bang or exploring the interior of the earth in an easily understandable and very graphic way.

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The journalist explains in an entertaining tone what octopuses do high up in the mountains or why the earth is further away from the sun in summer than in winter. Why everyone worries about climate change. And what volcanoes have to do with some kitchen countertops.

The topic discussed is also illustrated by the wonderful illustrations by Wendy Panders and the extensive facts are graphically displayed. Numerous puzzles and craft ideas deepen what you have already learned.

At first impression, our EMYS non-fiction book award winner looks wild and colorful. But each time you turn a new page, you dive deeper into the subject and learn surprising and fascinating things about our planet earth. The author manages not to let the impressive science degenerate into boredom or dryness, but to tell it excitingly from beginning to end - like in a novel - and not just enumerate it.

The jury quickly agreed to award this interesting non-fiction book for children as well as adults with the December EMYS.

Author information

Marc ter Horst (1968) is a copywriter with two specialisms: writing for children and writing for museums. He has also contributed to several educational methods. His areas of expertise include geography, nature and history. Hey There, Earth Dweller! was his children’s book debut; since then he has written two more highly successful non-fiction books for children, one of which received a Vlag & Wimpel (Honorary Mention) from the Griffel (Slate Pencil) Jury in 2016: the annual prizes for the best written children's books of the Netherlands. Marc lives with his wife, two kids and two rabbits in a small town near Nijmegen.

Ter Horst, Marc (text) and Panders, Wendy (illustrations): Wow - Die Erde! Discover our wonderful planet, Carlsen Verlag, Hamburg 2016, 116 pages, ISBN 978 3551 25032-2, € 16.99, ages 10 and up

EMYS: The EMYS Non-Fiction Book Prize is awarded to special, technically competent and attractively prepared non-fiction books for children or young people from the age of 6. The turtle Emys was designed by the illustrator Regina Kehn. The winners each receive a limited edition printed and signed copy of the picture.

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