How do you learn to value money

Learn to appreciate what you have

Last update: 16 September, 2016

In a world that makes you think that you should always be looking for more, sometimes it is not easy to appreciate what you have. Most of us focus on the things we don't have, from material things to interpersonal relationships to beauty.

We expect great things and are fascinated by miracles, but we forget that life has given us a whole host of small giftsthat other people want but don't have. I believe that people often count the things they don't have instead of enjoying what life has given them. How is it with you? Have you learned to appreciate what you have or are you still waiting for things to happen?

Discover the treasures in your life

What things in your life do you pay attention to? Most of us focus on and strive for material things that glitter and sparkle from afar, but once we have them they add nothing to our lives.

Appreciating what you have means learning to appreciate the little moments that money can't buy. If you pay attention a little, you will discover a lot of little treasures. The most basic for me are the following:

  • A house I can sleep in every night
  • eat
  • health
  • dress
  • Friends, love and family

You may think that these things are so essential that there is no real value in them. But think again: How many people are there in this world who don't have these things? Appreciating what you have involves more than being grateful for material things.

It also means being grateful for the little moments and memories: Dinner with your friends that you will always think of, even when you are old, the bowl of oatmeal that you always ate as a child after your mother warmed the milk for you.

It is hard to appreciate what one has

When was the last time you stopped and were consciously grateful for what you got? The amount of time it takes to shower and brush your teeth each day should also be used to appreciate what you have.

Think about all the things you have achieved, what you have and what is around you. Even the toughest or most uncomfortable day of your life can get better if you learn to be grateful. It is common to think about what you lack and the things you long for, but learning to take this step every day brings more gratitude into your life.

When you get the chance and feel the need, make a list of everything that you are grateful for. That way, when you feel sad or depressed, you can go down the list and appreciate anything. That will make the dark days a little easier.

Stop appreciating things that are marginal

I am surprised at how much certain people complain about trivial things. They make a huge deal of waiting in line at the bank or get mad if they miss the bus. Be honest, you are likely to forget to appreciate what you have because you are focusing on things that are not important.

The longer you think about them, the more they seem more serious than they really are. Devoting so much energy to them removes you from the things that are really important. Changing your perspective makes life easier. Of course, nobody thinks being late for work because they missed the bus is great, but you can find something good in everything. The difference is how prepared you are to see the positive and not the negative side of the situation.

What if you weren't alive?

Often we hear the words: "You don't know what you've got until you've lost it." That seems easy to understand, right? What if you've really lost everything you've got? Take a moment, close your eyes, and imagine that your whole life has changed completely. Suddenly you don't have a house anymore, you can't find any food and you have no one left in your life.

This is a very gloomy picture, but remember that there are really people in this world who live under these conditions. Appreciating what you have is not a waste of time. It's kind of a revolutionary act in such a material world. But seeing life this way will make you happier.