How do I stop doubting myself

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Self-doubts are the absolute classic when it comes to building up your independence.

I am not good enough. I will never make it. I can not do this.

Do you also have that nasty little voice in the back of your head far too often that keeps telling you down?

Robs you of all your energy, motivation and drive?

I know you have it. And how do I know?

Because we all have it.



Each of us has self-doubts. And every successful woman whom you adore from afar and who you believe is full of self-confidence has her too.

Not everyone likes to admit it, but everyone has it.

So the first illusion I want to rob you of is that you are alone with it.

What really sets the others apart from you? You don't let these voices get you down.

Everyone hears it every now and then, but most of them gradually develop a strategy to deal with it.

The second illusion that I can rob you of today: you will never get rid of it completely.

Learn to deal with them, learn to live with them, and learn not to let them be in control.


The self-doubt patch: give yourself time out

Most of the time, we get self-doubt precisely when we are actually exhausted.

I don't know about you, but when I'm full of power, I rarely have self-doubts. It is the weak moments when the self-doubt comes. They can smell it when we are not well and crawl secretly from behind.

So don't let it get that far!

Give yourself enough time off (you'll pay for it anyway if you don't) and make an appointment with yourself.

Mark fixed times on the calendar in which only you count and the things you love.

Watch a nice film and make yourself comfortable on the couch with popcorn, talk to your friends on the phone, treat yourself to a bit of wellness in the bathtub or do a round of yoga. Whatever makes you happy. But do it.

No excuses, no important "I have to do it very quickly".

Time out. Now.


Create a circle of back-up fighters

Just as each of us has self-doubts, each of us has at least one person in our life who believes in them unconditionally.

The person who always told you to get started.

The person who proudly tells everyone what you are doing and what you are up to. That one person who always listens enthusiastically when you tell them what you want to build next.

The person who believes in you.

Some of us have a few, some just a single one, but it doesn't matter.

It is important that you can turn to her in weak moments, pour out your heart to her and she will wipe away all your self-doubts with a single movement of the hand. Because she knows you and knows that you can do it.

And you can damn well do that too!

However, you should also surround yourself with people who have dreams similar to yours right from the start.

Look for groups, like-minded people and women who experience and have experienced similar things. It's worth more than I can describe.


Self-doubt killer: Fake it till you make it

A secret? Almost every successful woman started out with a good dose of acting. Few of them let their insecurity and self-doubt become apparent in the first few weeks and months.

For the entire first year I radiated absolute self-confidence and actually saw myself fail every day.

Even now, I often have self-doubts and wonder whether this is all going well, although I know rationally and firmly believe that it will be.

Therefore, you should just get a little fake attitude right at the beginning. Sometimes you even convince yourself with it ...

Small fake tip:

As silly as it may feel at first, you should sit in front of the mirror every night and tell yourself that you can do it.

The brain wants to be tricked and it doesn't understand that your own reflection is telling you, but believes that the confirmation comes from outside. It's pure psychology and it works.


Remember why you started

Write down on a large piece of paper WHY you started, WHY you want to get to this particular point and what you absolutely want to implement.

Your own goal has a motivational power like hardly anything else. That is why it is all the more important to clearly define your own why right from the start.

And now? Do you feel more empowered with these tips?

Don't forget that self-confidence is also a muscle that needs to be built up slowly at first and then exercised regularly to keep it strong.

Create the right habits and measures to strengthen your self-esteem and push your self-doubts further and further into the background.


Which habit do you use from now on?


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