How do you live passionately

Follow your heart: this is how you live wildly and passionately - from now on!

It's hard to feel adventurous and free while folding socks or putting the dishwasher out, right? We so often long for a little more freedom and liveliness - not only on vacation, but also in everyday life. If we follow our heart, often not even big changes are necessary to feel our life more intensely. Off to the wild life!

Whether we dance with a band of robbers or devotedly manage our family, whether we sail the seven seas or navigate the ups and downs of everyday work, life is an adventure. As soon as we realize that we are superheroes who have the power to shape their lives, each of our actions and decisions takes on a whole new meaning.

About us to feel more alive and to live with more passion, we don't necessarily have to hope for the big changes and always postpone our luck until later. We can start with the wild life right away, because the truth is: we are already in the middle of it.

1. Aliveness and intensity: Your life only happens NOW

Often we don't feel life because we are too busy with the many Worries and plans are our minds are concerned with. Our mind loves to distract us from life by thinking about the past or the future. Longings, expectations, fears keep us away from the moment in which we are currently living. Sometimes we wonder where time is going: it disappears in thought. There is certainly nothing wrong with making plans: But what good is the most exciting planning if we then don't feel it, life?

My way to get deep inside me and into the present moment to immerse yourself is to feel my own heartbeat. It touches me to feel my heart beating: The brave little heart reliably supplies us with life energy every day and every second, regardless of how we deal with ourselves and our life.

The heart is that Center of our life, our joy and our love. It stands for all qualities that are vital: strength, security and care as well as softness, tenderness, vulnerability. Reason enough to reconnect again and again with his throbbing, hopping and pulsing: Our heart shows us the way to an authentic, lively life.

Heart meditation

Put your hands on your heart and feel your heartbeat. Be aware of what you feel: Your heart may be beating quickly, excitedly, irregularly, gently, very quietly, very loudly ... Follow the path of your heartbeat in all parts of your body ... Where is it bouncing, pulsing, beating inside you? Let yourself be touched by this pulse of your life: This is you. This is the pure, full life that is throbbing inside you.

Out of your head, into your body: Your vitality pulsates in you!

This pulsation from head to toe, that's the rhythm of your life! Your life is the wildest adventure you can encounter - always where you are. Here and now life is raging in you and you can always choose to feel it with all your senses, in every moment.

2. Self-love: Stand by yourself without restraint

Imagine you are the main character of a film and at the same time its audience. Look at your life: haven't you already experienced the most incredible things? Survived dramas? Celebrated successes? You have already cried with emotion, laughed with despair and loved so much that it hurt. It is not only the moments of joy and ease that count, the difficulties and the limits are also part of it. Falling and struggling to get up and move on again and again make us who we are.

It has nothing to do with selfishness when we care for our well-being with enthusiasm and devotion and feel inspired by our own ideas and plans. On the contrary: Especially the people who stand by themselves without shame and live out their idea of ​​a happy life with passion radiate so much lively joy, courage and energy that they in turn have one Inspiration to others are.

Be in love with yourself: your happiness will inspire others

Take a moment to consciously acknowledge how much you have accomplished and created. It might sound a bit cheesy at first, but maybe you want to try it out: being in love with yourself.

Can you give yourself the admiration we so easily feel for others? Pat you on the back and say how great you are Forgive yourself for your wrong ways and insecurities? If yes: wonderful - celebrate yourself, your ideas, your joy in life. If not, what is missing to make your heart leap for joy at the thought of yourself?

3. Freedom, play and creativity: You are the superhero of your life

Dissatisfaction and frustration often also arise from the feeling of being impotence: If we believe that we only have to function and that we cannot change anything, then we lose vitality and energy. It is mostly beliefs like “I am not good enough ...” or “I don't deserve this ...” that keep us from being creative, courageously to tread unfamiliar paths and playfully our own ways discover.

Inspirational questions to your heart for the wildest version of yourself

There are many reasons not to try things out in the first place. And still one more reason to do it: Because it is our life. And we only have this one chance. Every day we have the choice to collect memories that are important to us. Amy Heger, Yoga teacher at the Cologne yoga school Lord Vishnus Couch formulates the following inspiring questions for an authentic life according to your own values, standards and needs:

  • If you listen deep inside ... what is really important to you in life? What else do you want to create?
  • What would you do if you couldn't fail? And what would you do anyway: Even if it didn't bring commercial success or social recognition?
  • At the end of your life you look back: what kind of person were you? What should people remember when they think of you?

4. The way of your heart: Follow what excites and inspires you

The Buddhist Master Tsakpo said in his meditation workshop “Das Liebesnetz”: “Don't always ask the others for advice: They have their own stories, what should they know about you? Don't look at the lives of others on Facebook, look at YOUR life. YOU are interesting, YOU are important - once you are interesting, the world is no longer that important. Make yourself the focus of your world. Don't call your friends and ask for their opinion - call yourself and ask for your opinion. The answers are all within you, you just have to listen. "

Follow the bliss and live from the feeling of inner wealth

  • In a year from now, in your ideal world: You have walked the path of your heart. Where do you see yourself, with whom are you surrounded, what do you do? How do you feel?
  • What steps brought you to this point?
  • Take in the positive feelings of fulfillment deeply and let all of your next steps arise out of this feeling of bliss.

We cannot create abundance from feelings of lack. A feeling of lack arises at most the desperate desire to remove ourselves from our suffering. However, we remain connected to the misery because it remains our standard: I do NOT want THAT. When joy and love become our yardstick, then we come into direct contact with the positive and strengthening forces within us, even if nothing outside has changed yet. We act FOR joy (and not AGAINST suffering).