Is an increase in the credit card limit good

Increase credit card limit: this is how it works in 2021

Increase credit card limit: the most important points in brief

You can usually increase your credit card limit very easily. All you have to do is submit an application. An increased income, a good payment behavior and also a long business relationship increases yours Chances of success. The credit card limit can be increased in three ways: by Bank, through the borroweror by Transfer.

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Increase the pros / cons of your credit card limit

  • More financial leeway
  • Often unavoidable on holiday abroad with a deposit for rental cars and hotels
  • Accepted payment methods also abroad
  • Increased use through premium programs often brings advantages
  • Risk of over-indebtedness
  • High interest on missed repayment
  • The damage caused by fraud and theft is greater

Ways to increase the credit card limit

If you want to increase your credit card limit, there are three different options:

1. Apply for an increased credit limit for the credit card

The easiest and most straightforward way to do this is to ask your credit card provider for a larger credit limit. Credit cards often come with a low limit as standard in order to keep the financial risk for the provider low.

Often a phone call is enough or a letter to significantly expand the availability limit. More and more providers also allow a particularly uncomplicated application in the online banking account.

Credit institutions are especially more generous when the Credit line only temporarily increased should be, for example because a major trip abroad is pending.

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2. Bank increases the limit independently

With ongoing business relationship Your bank gets to know you and your needs better. If you use the credit card regularly and balance balances reliably, many banks will offer you one on their own higher credit limit at.

Some credit cards like that Barclaycardare even known to automatically increase your credit limit over time.

3. Top up credit card via bank transfer

If you only want to use a higher credit line once, you can set the limit with your own in advance Transfer complete. However, this procedure is not possible with every credit card.

Step by step instructions: Increase credit card limit

Increasing your credit card limit is easy when you know how. You will succeed with our step-by-step instructions.

Determine the responsible provider
Argue well and submit evidence if necessary


Step 1: Determine the responsible provider

To increase the credit limit on your credit card, you need to contact your Credit card provider who approved the credit card application. He can also determine the availability limit. Usually this is Your bank or a specialized credit card provider.

Step 2: Have the facts ready

So that your request can be processed quickly, you should have all the essential information ready. These include on the one hand Customer number, credit card number and all personal data, but also yours Wish limit for the credit card and your monthly income.

Step 3: get in touch

For most providers, it is enough Call to change the credit limit. If you don't want to waste time on hold, most providers can also send you Email or post to reach. Then your message should always contain your customer number and credit card number in order to speed up processing. The change request via Online banking.

Step 4: argue well and submit evidence if necessary

Many credit card companies let themselves be convinced that a customer needs more financial leeway and can use it responsibly. It is useful to make arguments in support of this assumption. Positive factors are an increased one income, the Time limit of the job and regular Repayments.

Some credit card companies request the relevant evidence directly. For others, it is sufficient to submit this on request. If you want a short processing time, you should submit copies of salary slips directly.

Step 5: wait for a decision

If you have contacted your provider by phone or via online banking, you will usually receive a direct answer to your request. In the case of a written application, however, you have to wait several days.

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Credit as an alternative: Cheaper than credit card bills that are too high

A high credit limit offers more financial flexibility. But if larger purchases are to be financed by credit card or you have problems settling balances, a loan is the better option:

With a loan, you usually pay cheaper interest rates and pay back regular installments. This way you are quickly free of debt again and are not tempted to push your limits again and again and thus get into a debt spiral.

Credit card credit limit

A higher credit limit is often necessary for vacation trips

The most common reason why the credit card limit is insufficient is one upcoming trip. In some countries, credit card payment is almost mandatory and also often the cheapest way of payment, because withdrawing cash from machines is sometimes associated with considerable costs in non-EU countries.

The vacation is also one of the most important reasons, because with rental cars and hotels the deposit is often posted to the credit card. This means that part of the credit limit is blocked, although the limit is not exhausted by actual debits. When you are on vacation, it is therefore particularly important that the credit card has a high credit limit. For this purpose, you can also request a time-limited increase in the credit card limit. Credit card companies are often more generous here.

Because of high interest rates: be careful with other expenses

It is less advisable to increase the credit card limit if you want to use it to make expenses that you cannot actually afford. Credit card companies usually charge significantly higher fees than an installment loan.

An excellent example of this is the Credit card from voucher credit: It is free of charge if the customer settles his balance, but it causes immense costs if he does not pay the money on time, independently and without being asked. Up to 23.70% APR will then apply.

Every euro you add to your credit card results in higher costs due to the interest. The more money you owe the company, the harder it will be for you, too Repayments and not just pay the interest costs.

If you have been unable to pay your credit card bill in full for an extended period of time and you may have a similar problem with an overdrawn account, it may make more sense for you to go to one Installment loan to avoid and stop using the credit card. So you can balance your credit card and get out of the debt trap at fairer fees with regular installments.

A lower availability area also has advantages

Regardless of whether Visa-Credit card or Mastercard: Not increasing the limit if it is not absolutely necessary also has advantages:

in case of an Fraud or theft The amount of damage is thus kept within narrower limits.

A smaller budget is also useful if you find it difficult to stay within your financial budget. You then do not run the risk of losing track and straining your budget even further with high credit card interest rates.

These factors determine the availability limit

In principle, financial institutions have the incentive to set the credit limit as high as possible. After all, they mainly generate through the Interest payments of their customers revenue.

But this approach is only worthwhile for you if you can assume that customers will be able to repay the borrowed amount sooner or later. That is why the institutes limit that riskby limiting the credit line.

An important factor here is that Creditworthiness of a customer. It is usually checked when the credit card application is approved. The better the credit rating, the higher the credit card limit can be at the start of the business relationship.

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Customers can later get through timely repayments prove to be a reliable business partner. So it makes perfect sense if customers don't always exhaust the possibilities of their credit card to the last, but instead prove that they like to use the credit card limit, but do not need it to finance their lifestyle.

Because another important factor is that regular use. Only if a customer makes regular use of the credit card does an increase not mean a deviation from their usage behavior. In contrast, a sudden increase in the limit for the credit card company is a potential risk: It is a change in usage and it is not clear why this change occurs. This is especially true when your contract is nearing its end and the Credit card expires.

How do I get the mega credit line with the revolving Barclay credit card?

The Barclay credit card is one of the offers that is repeatedly mentioned in connection with a high credit card limit. 20,000 euro limit and more should at the revolving credit card to be possible.

In fact, the Barclaycard is a credit card provider that automatically increases the credit limit. Hence, it is basically a working tactic to limit the credit card limit Barclaycard to "train".

How it works:

The customer regularly uses the credit line to the limit and makes partial payments or clears the balance in full. Then, after a few months, Barclaycard will contact you and automatically increase the credit limit.

However, this is not necessarily the cheapest way to increase the credit limit with the Barclaycard. Because there is a risk of comparatively high interest costs if you do not pay your bill in full on a regular basis.

As with any other provider, you can also get a Apply for an increase in the credit line, at no additional cost to risk. At Barclaycard is every six months via online banking or possible in the app.

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This is how the increase in the credit card limit works with the DKB-Visa-CARD

The DKB credit card from Visaworks differently than the Barclaycard credit card in many ways: It does not have the option of only making partial payments, but the bank debits the full amount on a monthly basis. In addition, the DKB does not automatically increase the credit limit.

However, it makes it very easy for its customers to increase the credit line with the DKB-Visa-CARD. Customers can simply click on "Service" in the online banking account and under "Current limit" the Wish limit for your credit card. If the credit limit is to be increased only slightly, the application is usually approved directly. In the event of major changes, the DKB will review the application within a few days.

Incidentally, the DKB-Visa-CARD is one of the credit cards whose limit you can Increase in advance with a bank transfer can. Even with short-term limit increases for the vacation, the customer service is very accommodating. The credit limit does not increase as quickly as it is the case with Barclaycard, but those who want to increase their credit limit on a solid basis are always happy to be heard at the DKB.

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What can I do if the bank doesn't want to increase my credit card limit?

Which alternatives and options you should use in the event of a rejection also depend on why you wanted to increase the limit in the first place.

Who pays a lot with credit cards or they im vacation would like to use more often, an additional Prepaid credit card request. Banks usually approve you quickly and without problems, because a SCHUFA query is not necessary. You can then top up this prepaid credit card directly with credit and use it.

Prepaid credit cards will be not accepted everywhere, so that they are not a substitute. Rental cars and hotels in particular are often crossed because the deposit cannot be booked on them. But as uncomplicated addition on the go they are also in demand abroad because the loss in the event of theft is limited to the credit balance.

Another option, especially abroad, is to settle larger bills in advance or smaller bills on site in cash.

Should you No increase in the credit line due to your credit rating you should not purchase any other credit cards that have an overdraft facility. Often you only have half-silence offers like Credit cards without SCHUFA with overdraft facility. If you get a permit here, they are Fees are often disproportionately high and you cannot reduce your debts in this way either.

If you need a high credit limit because you want to use your credit card to finance necessary purchases for which you have no reserves often better served with a loan. Customers receive low loan amounts in a straightforward manner and at more favorable terms than credit cards offer.

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Many banks make this possible, especially if the credit card is assigned a unique bank account Increase credit line with a bank transfer. This can be a good alternative when on vacation or when paying for larger investments.

If the bank automatically rejects the loan, it often makes sense to contact customer service and explain the arguments that lead to a better credit rating could lead. This is especially useful if there have been changes in the finances that the financial institution has not yet been able to register.

If the bank declines anyway, exemplary behavior over a longer period of time will help. Then the financial institution can convince itself that an increased credit line will not pose a risk to them.

FAQ: Increase credit card limit


Increasing the credit limit can be useful in various circumstances. For example, if you need the card on vacation or if you regularly exhaust your credit line and at the same time are able to settle your credit card balance on a regular basis.

The credit card limit is not increased because the financial institution does not think you are sufficiently creditworthy. We provide you possibilitieswhat steps you can take now to increase the limit after all or to intercept the rejected increase.

The limit of your credit card is set individually. If you have not yet increased the limit, the amount is still valid when the contract was concluded. You can find it in your contract documents. In online banking, you can usually also find the limit in the corresponding menu item or in the contract data.

At a Telephone call or an automatic authorization you can usually take advantage of the increased credit limit directly. With a written approval, you can expect an increase in the limit within the next three working days. If in doubt, you should ask your bank directly about when the change will take effect.