Can you change a car on finance

Because of Corona: money back with the car insurance

  • If you have not been using your car because of Corona, you can adjust the mileage in your car insurance.
  • Many insurers then reimburse premiums that are overpaid.
  • The money saved will go to a higher vehicle tax, at least for new car owners from 2021.

The cost of car insurance is made up of many factors, including the number of kilometers driven. Insured persons therefore regularly appreciate how theirs Mileage in the year fails. The following applies: the fewer drivers there are with their car, the cheaper the car insurance. Commuters who have been working in the home office for weeks due to the corona virus can now take advantage of this.


With fewer cars on the road, there were fewer accidents in 2020 and therefore less damage that car insurance had to regulate. This leads to record profits for motor insurers. Experts therefore expect insurance premiums to fall in the coming year. If you want to change your car insurance, you have until November 30th to compare and change tariffs.

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Report fewer kilometers driven to the motor vehicle insurance company

"Because there is less driving and fewer accidents, many vehicle owners can also get money back from car insurance, as a survey of insurers and the German Insurance Association (GDV) revealed," reports the dpa news agency. To do this, it is enough to change the contract and the Adapt the mileage to the reduced number of journeys. A reduction from 10,000 kilometers to 8,000 kilometers can lead to a repayment of an average of 50 euros, said an Allianz spokesman for the dpa.

However, drivers should pay attention to the mileage to be realistic. For example, if you are planning a vacation abroad this year and will not take the plane but your own car to travel, you should take this into account. If you drove more than stated at the end of the year, you have to pay extra.

Better classifications in the regional and type class 2021?

It is still uncertain what influence the corona pandemic will have on the contribution to motor insurance in 2021. Since, however, when determining the regional and type classes, the A look at the number of accidents in recent years there could be some changes in favor of the driver. So he had April 2020 the lowest number of accidents in 30 years. However, since the regional classes are based on a 5-year period and the type classes are based on a 3-year period, it remains to be seen whether there will be a positive effect. The new classes are usually announced in autumn.

Government plans higher road tax from 2021

Some driving will have to budget more money for road tax. It should increase for fuel guzzlers in 2021. This was agreed by the federal cabinet in mid-June. However, the new vehicle tax only applies to new vehicles that are registered from January 1, 2021.

Accordingly, the A vehicle's CO2 emissions are taken into account to a much greater extent when calculating the vehicle tax. The allowance applies up to 95 grams of CO2 per kilometer, so nothing is charged additionally. After that, the following graduation should apply:

  • Up to 115 grams: 2 euros
  • Up to 136 grams: 2.20 euros
  • Up to 155 grams: 2.50 euros
  • Up to 175 grams: 2.90 euros
  • Up to 195 grams: 3.40 euros
  • From 196 grams: 4 euros

The vehicle tax is levied on every gram emitted per kilometer that is above the exemption limit of 95 grams. In addition, there are basic amounts for every 100 cm³ or part thereof. For diesel vehicles it is 9.50 euros, for petrol only 2 euros.