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Funding amount of the projects according to theme
Funding amount in Euro 8,294,400
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Ongoing projects worldwide

Supporting Palestine on its way to a two-state solution: That is the task of the Austrian Development Agency (ADA) in Ramallah. In accordance with the Road Map and the EU Action Strategy for Palestine, the ADA supports the Palestinian Authority (PA) in building efficient, democratically legitimized and controlled institutions for a future sovereign, democratic state. In addition to the PA, the ADA works with international organizations and Palestinian and international civil society organizations. The Austrian Development Cooperation (ADC) supports projects and programs in the area of ​​strengthening crisis resistance and water supply as well as emergency aid and refugee care in order to ensure health care in particular. Particular attention is paid to the advancement of women and young people and the linking of humanitarian, development policy and peace-building measures. All ADC measures also support the PA's national action plan to deal with the COVID-19 crisis.

Improve living conditions

ADA supports the humanitarian programs of the United Nations Relief Organization for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA) to secure the basic needs of Palestinian refugees with a focus on health care. In order to improve the living conditions and resilience of particularly needy Palestinian families in the occupied territories, the ADA supports the social assistance program of the Palestinian Authority (PEGASE) in close cooperation with the European Commission. Another important focus is improving the water supply in the Gaza Strip. By building structures to control water quality, diseases are prevented and wastewater treatment helps to provide inexpensive water for irrigation of fields. The renovation of the first seawater desalination plant in the Gaza Strip, built by Austria in the 1990s, made it possible to secure the drinking water supply for communities again. With rapid financial support, Austrian Development Cooperation made a contribution to coping with COVID-19 in Palestine: on the one hand, it enabled the World Health Organization (WHO) to take important medical preventive measures in the Gaza Strip and, on the other hand, to ensure hygiene standards in the water supply for the Palestinian Authority.