Unmarried couples can have sex in hotels

Can a mixed Muslim unmarried couple share hotel rooms in Indonesia?

I also posted an answer on the linked thread, although your case is a little different. For reference, I lived in Java and now Bali.

It is not impossible that it is some There are hotels out there that will cause you problems, although I find it highly unlikely that none of you are actually Indonesian. As always, money speaks and most places would rather make money than enforce religious traditions. Especially in touristic areas (and I doubt you would go so far off the beaten track that I wouldn't consider it a touristic place)

I can say from my own experience that I managed to rent a room with my former Indonesian Muslim girlfriend before.

I can assure you that you won't have any problems in Bali and the Gilis, extremely unlikely even in Jogja, but in some remote locations in Borneo it is possible (but still unlikely) that you will have to try another hotel.

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I toured Indonesia for a month (and Malaysia too) with my Thai friend who everyone thought was Indonesian and no one ever said a word (or even gave a dirty look) about sharing a room . We have strayed from the beaten track, but not too far off.