Which IPTV providers are legal

Massive illegal Xtream Codes fight against IPTV in Europe

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In one of the largest international law enforcement operations in recent years, involving several European countries, the Xtream Codes accounts of more than 800,000 users were blocked. But the fight against IPTVs and IPTV panels is not over yet. Just a few hours later, thanks to quick updates and a simple code sent via WhatsApp, everyone was back online. Just in time for the streaming of the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Singapore. But what are IPTVs? And what are Xtream Codes?

What is IPTV

IPTV stands for “Internet Protocol TeleVision”. For many, it's the future of television viewing. Until now, TV broadcasters simply send out a signal that is then interpreted by an antenna. This applies to cable and satellite television. Since the signal cannot be changed at all, it is not possible to determine what and when to watch something. You can only switch on when your favorite show or movie is on and that's it.

With IPTV, all data is transmitted over your internet connection. This enables most IPTVs to create an on-demand service, such as the BBC iPlayer. With IPTV, you can watch your favorite shows whenever you want. Often times, you can watch them for up to a year after they were originally broadcast.

IPTV is not in itself illegal. As mentioned earlier, the BBC iPlayer is an example of a free, 100% legal service that allows you to watch what's on TV “on demand”. And there are many more examples of local streaming services using IPTV as a means of delivering content to the end user. Well what makes these IPTVs legal? The fact that they own the rights to broadcast the TV series and movies in their catalog!

Some companies choose to go the other way and stream TV series and shows without the proper rights. This is why illegal IPTVs are extremely inexpensive. Xtream Codes is not an IPTV per se. It's more of a panel that allows streamers to manage their IPTVs. This means that Xtream Codes can host multiple IPTVs, some of which may be legal and some of which may not.