What are your last photos

German-English dictionary

If you're invited to dinner, show up
[...] your friends easily diePhotos from the last vacation,Ohne that you have to bring this with you.
Go to dinner at a friend's
[...] house and display they pictures of your last vacation together, without having [...]
[...] good if anyone could open your encrypted files, and instead of the secrets, uglyarfePhotos from the last vacationseheyn would?
Wouldn't it be nice, if everyone couldt open your encrypted files, and see noisy fotos of some old friends instead of your private data?
You can watch video clips on the bright 1.8 '' TFT 64k color display
the best moments of the wacky
[...] view or through the party last weekend diePhotos from the last vacationblattern.
Make full use of the bright 1.8 "TFT 64k-color
screen by watching videos of the
[...] funniest moments at last weekend 's wild party or viewing snapshots or similarf your recent holiday!
So can diePhotos from the last vacationebenbe used as you would [...]
painted works or school images (e.g.
Maps, schematic representations, etc.).
Thus you approxn reuse your photographs fRome your load journey as well as [...]
self made paintings or educational material (e.g. maps, educational graphics).
The media center enables users to share their
personal content on the go
[...] to share with relatives and friends, as if for a whilepielPhotos from the last oneF.amilien meeting orervacation.
Once uploaded, customers can share their precious
[...] moments approxptured in photos and videos with their friends and families, not only from PC but so [...]
Do not use the server to browse the Internet, to check your e-mails,
for instant messaging, for
[...] blogging about IMrenvacation,Oder for your mudderPhotos from the last oneF.amiclient meeting at [...]
Do not use the server to browse the
Web, check your email, instant
[...] message, blabove about your vacation, or send your mom photos from last week 's family reunion.
Cell phone usage in the last three months for private purposes, to take photos or
Send video clips; -
[...] cell phone usage in denlastdregg Months for private use, umphotosOdhe VideocleftpsfromTelefon on websites
mobile phone usage in the last three months for private purposes for sending photographs
[...] [...] mobile phone usage in the last theare months for private purposes for uploading photographs or videoclips from your phonit to websites
[...] are now nouephotosvOn usheenlastGigs in Fischamend undfromI.L.A. Semifinals.
In the INYOU-Gallery are new photos from our last gigs in fishat theend and from the ILA S.emifinals.
This can be personal as well
[...] [...] backup copies of E-Mails,photosaus I.Mremlast vacation,Vhesluggish or tables, [...]
that you have saved on the hard drive.
These files include personal documents
[...] [...] old e-mail messatotal, photographs from your last holiday as well as contracts [...]
and spread sheets you once saved on your hard disk.
photosfindet man in festivalbericHtfrom the lastJaMr (see below) and on the homepage [...]
of the BRG Klagenfurt-Viktring, including
an aerial photo, also on the Klagenfurt information pages.
B.esidit of last year 's festival report (lake below) photographs are tife found on the [...]
homepage of the BRG Klagenfurt-Viktring,
including an aerial view, furthermore at the Klagenfurt information pages.
At www.myHotelVideo.com, travelers can view video reports and clips from hotels all over the world, publish videos they have shot themselves (often for a fee) and so before their next vacation
Gather impressions of the hotel and the surrounding area, or the
[...] experienced impressückefrom last vacationan D.rides worldwide [...]
At www.myHotelVideo.com travelers can watch clips and video reports about hotels from around the world, as well as publish their own videos (often even for monetary compensation). They can thereby form an impression of the hotel where they will
spend their next holiday, and its surrounding area, or pass their
[...] impressions of their last holiday on to a third party.
Whether it's a quick chat with friends via a private platform
Social networks is about or about the
[...] Relatives diePhotos from the last oneF.amilienfest in [...]
an online photo album available too
make: Digitization and networking already play an important role in the area of ​​family and friends "for 57 percent of the Germans surveyed. maintain relationships with their family.
Whether it is a quick chat with friends via a private social
[...] network, or sharing photos of a family party online [...]
with relatives, digitization and
networking plays a significant role in the area of ​​"family and friends" for 57 percent of all Germans surveyed. 51 percent of German Internet users even go as far as to say that without the Internet and telecommunications they would be unable to maintain their friendships and family relationships.
So much the worse when the energy at the most beautiful moment
dried up and half of
[...] Wedding party Ohnephotosvergeh, dervacationim A.lbum already after [...]
ends a few days or the
your little darling's first words and steps can no longer be recorded.
So much the worse if the energy runs dry in the most
beautiful moments and half of the
[...] wedding Goes by without photos, if the holiday in the album ends [...]
after a few days or the first
words and steps of the little darling can not be recorded.
Suddenly the memory card from your camera is not
[...] more responsive, diePhotos from vacationscheylost in?
The memory card of your camera suddenly stopped
[...] working - other the pictures of your last vacation are gone?
Assign this approval level for information that is familiar
to see this identity, for example a quick login
[...] to the password protectionntenPhotos from the last oneF.amilien meeting.
Assign this clearance level to information that confidants of
this identity will see, e.g. a quicklogin pointing to a
[...] password secured gallery of pictures from your last family reunion.
It starts with a series that
[...] interestingly to meinemlast vacationpasst (as soon as I've picked out a few and edited them, I'll do this ouchcHphotosHOchload)
[...] a series which interestingly fits very well to my load vacation (as soon as I picked and retouched some photos I will upload them)
the reader learns that the painter karl wilhelm diefenbach has his studio in via roma in
[...] [...] we see on einemphotozu bbeginning deslastjaMrone hundred francesco spadaro on the piazzetta there, who pretended to be a fisherman, whose stately appearance was the basis for pictures, postkarten,photoswar. the man did it, [...] [...]
feed. we learn where friedrich nietzsche, i.e. lawrence and frieda von richthofen, lived on capri, what they did there, what they created there. Stefanie Sonnentag spent many an hour herself in cemeteries to document the great intellectuals that found their last rest here after the agony of existence.
the reader discovers that the painter karl wilhelm diefenbach had his studio in via roma in
[...] [...] francesco spadaro in a photo at the beginning of the last century on they local piazzetta, making himself out as a fisherman, whose stately appearance served as a blueprint for pictures, postcards and photos. they man did so to [...]
feed his family. we discover
where nietzsche, i.e. lawrence and frieda von richthofen lived on capri, what they did and created there. stefanie sonnentag even spent quite some hours in cemeteries in order to document which great spirits found their rest here following the perils of their existence.
And here is the fact, after 6 caught fish from 9 to 12 kg of fish, arrived at guadino
were released immediately, with
[...] of the time it was diephotoswaren dielastunseof thoughts that [...]
Storm has decreased in intensity
And on a detector 11.45 rings, and me that I already changed and dried, I was a little reluctant to leave the tent then but she knows how these things and that's the fish barrel, after a few minutes it was guadino The mirror weighs 17.8 kg, but was unable to take pictures because it was raining again, I decided, to my great regret, to keep it in my pocket maintenance, which it has always opposed, and my companion is a witness.
And here's the fact, after having caught 6 fish from 9 to 12 kg fish that arrived at the landing net
immediately released, with
[...] the time it was they photographs were the load of our thoughts, the [...]
storm had decreased in intensity
, And at 11.45 a detector rings, and myself that I had already changed and dried, I was a little reluctant to leave the tent but then she knows how these things, and this is the fish barrel, after a few minutes was landing net, a mirror weighing 17.8Kg but unable to photograph because raining again, I decided to my great regret to put it in the bag maintenance thing they have always been opposed, and my companion is a witness.
[...] only the big Rollenkofferfrom last vacationzur Available and he will [...] [...]
the children on the road for several weeks.
Most parents only have the
[...] gigantic suitcase on wheels they used for the last family holiday, atd it's often [...]
packed as if the children
were going to be away for weeks.
Here there are diePhotos fromsechsten undlastTeil our trip [...]
to be seen from September 7th to 19th.
Here are the photos of the sixth atd last part of our journey [...]from S.September 7th to 19th.