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Computer, please take two wrong answers Out.
If I have three wrong answers would have wanted one after the other, I would have simply asked for "the usual".
That usually means three wrong answers.
En general il a droit à trois ereurs.
You have five minutes before the wheel of fortune and Frankie wrong answers screaming towards the TV.
There are a few wrong answers, that's true.
There are questions for which there are none wrong answers gives.
Correct and wrong answers does not exist, it is not an exam. It is important to reflect your point of view, based on what you know.
She needs people like us who admit it's right and wrong answers on issues of human development, and that morality relates to the realm of facts.
If we just admit, just admit that it's right and wrong answers When asked how people flourish, it will change the way we talk about morals and our expectations of human collaboration in the future.
Et, simplement en admettant qu'il y a des réponses vraies et fausses sur la manière dont l'être humain s'épanouit changera la manière dont nous parlons de moralité, changera nos attentes en termes de collaboration dans le futur.
Lead in the admission tests wrong answers not a point deduction.
In the second, third and fourth preselection tests, a correct answer was rated 0.333, 0.357 and 143 points, respectively, while for wrong answers 0.111, 0.119 or .048 points were deducted. Missing or invalid answers were awarded 0 points.
Les notes du plaignant aux différentes épreuves sont ensuite récapituléesà la lumière de ces critères, avec une énumération des nombres deréponses justes, de responses fausses et de responses manquantes ouannulées.
The irony from my point of view is that the only people who generally agree with me and who think it's right and wrong answers on moral questions there are religious demagogues of one kind or another.
Mais l'ironie, de mon point de vue, est que les seules personnes qui semblent être généralement d'accord avec moi et qui pensent qu'il y a des réponses justes et fausses concernant la morale sont des religieux demagogues d'un type ou d'un autre.
He claimed that the deletion of question 66 was the real cause of his exclusion from the selection process, as 15 correct and three wrong answers now results in the score of 9,662 as communicated to him by the Commission40.
Il estime que l'institution aurait pu éviter leproblemème en "neutralisant" d 'une autre manière la question nº66, par example en considérant que tous lescandidats y avaient répondu correctement.
There are few correct or wrong answers - The game is a fun way to spark discussions and ensure that companies no longer neglect intellectual asset management and technology transfer.
C'estplutôt une manière amusante de stimuler ladiscussion et d'attirer l'attention des entreprises sur la gestion des actifs intellectuels etle transfer de technologies.
Relatives of the victims complain that they are not taken seriously by the responsible authorities and that no or wrong answers to the previous status of the investigation.
Les proches des victimes témoignent que les autorités ne les prennent pas au sérieux et qu'ils n'obtiennent que des renseignements parcellaires si ce n'est des faux à leurs requêtes.
If I have three wrong answers would have wanted one after the other, I would have simply asked for "the usual".
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