How do you afford healthy food

Everyone is talking about healthy eating, but can everyone afford it?

It is known that more people than ever are living to old age. Increasing life expectancy is linked to the desire to maintain health and thus also the quality of life at a high level for as long as possible. In addition to regular exercise, a wholesome and balanced diet is a very important component in old age. Older people, however, are more likely to have a lower budget than those who are still working. So the question arises, can everyone afford a healthy diet? “Eating well, healthily and cheaply” starts at this point and supports older people with a healthy diet, especially on a small budget.

exchange experiences

In the interactive workshop, the participants have the opportunity to exchange their knowledge and experiences. You will get to know the special features of healthy eating in old age and learn how to shop cheaply and healthily.

In addition, questions are answered such as: How do I know the quality of a product? Is expensive the same as better? What advertising traps are there and what should you watch out for with packaging and its labeling?

The event is free and takes place on six dates. It is supported by Health Promotion Switzerland and the Basel-Stadt Health Department.

Date: August 24, September 7 + 25, October 23, November 6 + 20

Time: 2 p.m. to 5 p.m.

Location: Course room, Akzent Forum, Rheinfelderstrasse 29, 4058 Basel

Please register up to 14 days before the lecture dateto [email protected] or phone no. 061 206 44 66