Why is email marketing important

Email Marketing for Offline Entrepreneurs

How can I build trust with my prospects over the internet?

This is where email marketing comes in! I build with targeted e-mail information campaigns that address a problem posed by the prospect trust to the interested party. Various studies have shown that an interested party is only ready to buy after 3-7 contact!

Therefore it is necessary and useful, e.g. E.g. via a small series of e-mails, initially only to provide information and to address your target group as specifically as possible with regard to problems and needs (see schematic diagram of the structure of e-mail campaigns) It is important to know your target group in advance! This is the only way you can make customer-specific offers.

If you want to learn more about targeting audiences, check out this post from me.

Examples of new customer acquisition email campaigns:

Sales representative in the field of construction and financing could z. B. send a few emails in which they explain what is important when building. This could e.g. B. be an explanation of certain technical terms, they could provide an online calculator, or provide information about price developments in certain regions.

A Coffee shop or Restaurant, which would like to attract new visitors, could offer typical recipes - which are related to the dishes and offers. Offer a voucher for the next visit beforehand, perhaps as a goodie.

For service providers in the field health,  Wellness or Life balance, an e-mail campaign that deals with health care is a good option, e. B. with some nutrition tips or videos about relaxation exercises.

All examples serve to trust with the prospect BEFORE you make the prospect offers to buy a product or service.

What can such offers then look like?

Only now, after trust has been built, are the first offers made, depending on the industry and target group:

  • For one service provider can this be an invitation to a free consultation.
  • For a restaurant, the invitation to an event, or to a restaurant visit with discount campaigns or special offers. It is important to always address the relevant target group as well and specifically as possible.

After the offers, the actual sale takes place, either “offline” in the store, at the company or “online” via the Internet. At the sale You should be careful not to immediately offer high-priced products via the Internet. Again against the background of building trust. The customer should slowly build trust in you or in your company.

Furthermore, in every phase of the sales process, the customer should not have the impression of being overwhelmed with sales offers in the future. A healthy mix of free information, tips and offers must be adhered to here!

E-mail campaign options

With Email campaigns You can not only win new customers, but also use these campaigns for other things. Here are two examples that should inspire you.

Product Information
The customer has purchased a product or service. You would like to give him instructions on how to use the product sensibly in the form of a series of e-mails. This can of course also be in connection with a link to a video, other websites or an FAQ page. At the end, you refer to other related products or services. On the one hand, this serves to build trust, but on the other hand, it can also reduce your support requests and thus your costs. The product recommendation on related products or services does not have an intrusive effect in this context, but more as a recommendation and tip!

Employee induction
Why not use email campaigns for certain automations as well? Wherever recurring information in the form of texts, references, videos, etc. is sent to a group of people, this makes perfect sense in my opinion! One example is that Employee induction in the company. There, at the beginning of an employee's employment, the same information has to be distributed to new colleagues over and over again. These can be contexts in the company, structures in the form of organizational charts, safety instructions, etc. Why not send a series of e-mails to the employee at intervals of a few days, each with a small information package and a checklist to be filled out. The employee must then fill out the checklist and present it to the supervisor. This gives the employee the feeling of being well informed and the company saves manpower, since not so many employees have to be used to train the new colleague.

How can I build an email list as effectively as possible?

A classic way are visitors to yours Homepagewho subscribe to an e-mail newsletter using an option form. It makes sense to not only provide a general newsletter notice in the sidebar. Rather, it should be for each Area of ​​interest give various option forms under contributions, in the text or as overlays. This increases the registration rates immensely!

Below I would like to introduce you to different forms of email lead generation:

  • Visitor one Facebook fan pagewho register via the fan page.
  • Podcast- or YouTubeVisitorthat will be redirected to an In Landingpage option.
  • Contacts that focus on your option Landing page, register based on a Facebook advertising campaign.
  • Visitor one eventwho leave their email address at an event or trade fair.
  • Email registrations for a free Webinarthat you z. B. on webinar platforms such as edudip.com.

I hope I was able to give you some information on how to set up an email marketing process and encourage you to study the subject further.

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