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Certified VBA specialist

When accepting new regular member companies, the VBA attaches great importance to a minimum of professional, personnel and technical requirements. These are checked by the employees of the VBA in a recording inspection. Willingness to perform, seriousness, modern equipment and 24-hour service are just some of the requirements that all VBA member companies must meet.

However, the VBA has gone a step further. As early as 1986 he created his own voluntary seal of approval in which certain minimum criteria for an efficient specialist company were laid down. These criteria were last adapted to the new circumstances in 2016. The seal of approval "Certified VBA specialist company" represents the next higher quality level within the association.

Some companies have particularly distinguished themselves here. You have exceptionally well-trained employees, a fleet of vehicles that is state-of-the-art and meets all conceivable requirements. They also have an extremely environmentally friendly company site. In cooperation with TÜV or DEKRA, applicants are checked for their personal, operational and technical performance and are awarded a certificate. The sense and purpose of the seal of approval must of course also be given special consideration when placing orders or contracts with authorities, automobile clubs, etc. Certified VBA specialist companies have also proven that they give customer satisfaction the highest priority.

In the meantime, the criteria of the “certified VBA specialist company” have become part of many official contracts and presented as a draft in Brussels as the basis for the creation of an EC directive.

The requirements for obtaining the "Approved VBA specialist company" for the vehicle order area up to 3.49 t and heavy traffic areas I and II represent special requirements in the context of an expert opinion.

In the order range up to 3.49 t, the equipment of the emergency vehicles is specified. At least one truck with a loading crane (LFBK) with a payload of at least 3,500 kg and a rotating loading crane with a reach of 8 m with a minimum hook load of 1,000 kg must be available.

Furthermore, the future specialist company must have another LFB / K with at least 2,500 kg payload or a tow truck (AWU) with a mobile minimum hook load / lifting load of 1,500 kg.

Finally, the future specialist company must have a breakdown vehicle available, this can be an SKP or SKW.

In addition, there are special requirements for the safekeeping and property security of vehicles, for proper business operations and much more.

The specialist company for heavy traffic group I is also assigned minimum equipment details. In addition to the breakdown assistance vehicle, a tow truck / crane truck with a movable hook / lifting load of 6 t at 60 km / h must be available. This is to ensure that the towing service can move a damaged truck over longer distances without exceeding the legal requirements.

With regard to the storage options, corresponding operational and environmental protection standards are also required.

In order to become a specialist heavy traffic group II, in addition to the requirements of group I, a car or mobile crane with a minimum load capacity of 40 t and a 3 m radius from the center of the slewing ring must be available.

If you, as a VBA member, are interested in being recognized as a certified specialist company, give us a call, we will be happy to inform you.