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The Swiss company LUX is one of the well-known direct sellers of various household products. The LUX vacuum cleaners are a fixture here versatile cleaning systems and with which you can thoroughly and sustainably remove dirt and dust from floors of all kinds, furniture and the like. Our LUX vacuum cleaner test reveals the properties of the Cleaning Devil from the Alpine republic.

LUX vacuum cleaner test 2021

Well-known brand in direct sales

LUX is a global company that was founded in 1901 and is headquartered in Zug, Switzerland. The family business is one of the best-known and most recognized direct sales companies and is there for its Quality products known, but they are anything but cheap.

The LUX product range primarily includes products with which you lay the foundation for a healthy home lay. The motto is accordingly: Your partner for a healthy life!

LUX offers quality instead of quantity

In addition to vacuum cleaners, LUX sells cleaning and filter systems for the domestic room air, but also pots and pans have a permanent place in the range. Products from LUX stand for the highest quality, Innovation and tradition from Switzerland. As you know from most other direct sellers, LUX does not offer a large selection of different vacuum cleaners either.

Rather, only a few products are offered, but they are high quality cleaning systems and which promise a wide range of applications. The current LUX vacuum cleaner series bears the name Lux Intelligence Royal and, according to the manufacturer, offers very high performance with one of the best filtration systems on the market, energy efficiency and of course user-friendliness.

companyLux Germany GmbH
Headquarters Germany
founding 1901
Products Vacuum cleaners, air filter systems, pots, cleaning agents and much more.

What distinguishes LUX vacuum cleaners?

The effective filtration of Dust, dirt and dust mites vacuuming carpets, furniture and other surfaces is particularly beneficial for allergy sufferers and asthmatics, as this creates a clean environment within your own four walls.

You can also use the LUX vacuum cleaner diverse and tailor-madeBuy accessories such as a motorized floor brush or upholstery and care brush for all types of surfaces best and most thorough cleaning to achieve.

Advantages and disadvantages of the Lux vacuum cleaner

In the LUX vacuum cleaner test, however, other properties were noticed, which we would like to present to you in the following overview:

  • intelligent increase in performance (without loss of suction power)
  • energy saving
  • powerful and quiet motor
  • user-friendly operating system (including modern, blue display with large symbols)
  • Components with ergonomic design
  • powerful automatic floor nozzle
  • exclusive, 5-stage filtration system

Be sure to read test reports before making a purchase decision

But as already mentioned, LUX vacuum cleaners are not cheap and prices over 1,000 euros are not uncommon. Interested parties should ideally have the vacuum cleaner demonstrated by a specialist and get their own picture of the performance. We also recommend that you take one or the other LUX vacuum cleaner test and Read the test reportwhere the devices have to master demanding tasks and are rated accordingly.

In this way you play it safe and you will find out whether the expensive investment is worthwhile. But one must not forget that a LUX vacuum cleaner is an acquisition for many years, which is why it is different from conventional vacuum cleaners more expensive price can be profitable for this. Ultimately, however, you alone decide!

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