Are Nigerians racist towards Indians

police Investigations into alleged racist attacks in Saxony

The police in Saxony are investigating several alleged racist attacks. According to the police, there was an argument between three Germans and a man from Nigeria at the Pirna train station on Saturday. The Nigerian and two of the Germans were slightly injured. "In the run-up there was a verbal argument between the people," said the police. "According to the 19-year-old, the group of Germans made racist statements towards him." The investigation continues.

Verbal attack against women from Israel

A verbal attack on an Israeli woman occupies the police force in Leipzig. As the police announced on Sunday, a young woman was prevented by a German neighbor from entering an apartment building in Leipzig-Gohlis in which the two women lived. The 46-year-old woman stood in the way of the 26-year-old on the evening of May 3 and made derogatory comments about her origin, said a police spokeswoman.

It will be determined on suspicion of coercion, it said. The state security is also examining the case with regard to further allegations. According to a report in the "Leipziger Volkszeitung", the neighbor is said to have attacked the young woman violently because of her language, insulted her and also tried to break open the door of her apartment.

Politician announces incident in Liemehna

The Leipzig police are also investigating an incident in Liemehna in the northern Saxony district. According to the left-wing politician Maximilian Becker on Twitter on Friday, a person was injured so badly in a racially motivated attack from the right-wing extremist spectrum that she had to be hospitalized for treatment. The police replied on Twitter that the incident had not been reported to them. A preliminary investigation was opened ex officio. At the request of MDR SACHSEN on Sunday, further details were not yet known.