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11 Free Backlink Checkers Compared - Which Tool Works Best?

Backlinks are still very important for a good ranking in Google. Therefore, in this article, I am comparing 11 free backlink checkers.

I use these tools to analyze the number of backlinks on one of my websites and compare the results. This way you can find out which tool works best.

Free backlink checker in comparison


Backlinks are still very important. If you want to rank well with a new website, backlinks are an important factor, especially when the competition is strong. That's why I recently listed more than 50 backlink sources.

To find out how many backlinks your website has, but also to analyze the backlinks of the competition, there are free backlink checkers available online. Each of these tools uses a different database and different techniques to determine the number of backlinks. Different results are quite normal.

But which of these tools works best? In the following I will get to the bottom of this question and analyze the backlinks of my board game blog with every backlink checker. Let's see which tool works best here and how the data compares to the Google Search Console.

Backlink checker from

The backlink checker from ensures very quick results. It does not matter whether you enter http / https or nothing at all in front of the actual domain.

The tool found a total of 77 backlinks, which are also rated with a domain value. How this is composed is not clear to me, but it shows the value of the backlinks within a certain framework, which I think is good.

In addition, a link history is displayed showing the increase in the number of backlinks found for this domain. This is not available for every website, but in my tests it was partially available for small niche websites, which I found very positive.

However, the 77 backlinks found are relatively few and therefore not an ideal result.

Backlink Checker from

The Link Explorer on offers a whole range of setting options for the backlink analysis.

You can group them in different ways, include or exclude deep links, display follow and / or nofollow links and much more. These are good filter options for a more detailed analysis.

The tool quickly found 216 backlinks from 37 domains for my board game blog, which is a good result. There is also more information, such as the number of domains, deep links and more.

Much more information about the individual backlinks is also given. It is a bit strange that the now outdated PageRank is also given. It hasn't been updated in years, so many newer websites don't have one at all.

All in all, I think the results are good and the evaluation options are interesting.

Backlink Checker from

The tool on is kept simple. After entering the domain and checking that we are not a bot, a list of the backlinks is displayed.

77 backlinks were also found here, which suggests that the same database is used here as on

This impression is reinforced if you take a closer look at the individual backlinks found. However, a follow / nofollow info is also output here.

All in all a small, fast backlink checker, but unfortunately not that detailed.

Backlink Checker from

The analysis takes a little longer on Then you get a list of the backlinks found.

A total of 13 backlinks on 8 domains were found by this tool for my board game blog, which of course is extremely few.

Although there is also a small analysis of the relevant page (external links, quality), the database here is apparently much too small.

Therefore, this tool is not worthwhile for analyzing website backlinks.

Backlink Checker from

The backlink checker from leaves a good first impression. General data and more detailed information on the backlinks found are given here.

A total of 1,072 backlinks on 77 domains were found, which is more than the other tools, which only found 77 backlinks on some of the same domains.

The domains are displayed in the list of results and the number of individual backlinks found there. That's interesting information.

The domain rank is also useful here. In addition, you can, for example, look at the last domains found and a few interesting rankings. For all other evaluations that sound interesting too, however, you have to register an account. For this, at least 9.99 euros per month are due.

All in all an interesting backlink tool that delivers very good results, but whose free information is severely limited.

Backlink Checker from

We come to the English language tools. The backlink checker on is very popular.

In my analysis for my board game blog, 1,697 backlinks were found, but only on 54 different domains. This means that fewer backlinks were found from different domains than with some other tools in this list.

For this, the list of backlinks is completely available and you get additional information such as anchor text, link target and the date on which the link was found. There is also an assessment of the influence of the individual backlinks.

All in all a good tool to do the link analysis. But you shouldn't bet on it alone.

Backlink Checker from

The developers of claim that it is the largest backlink database in the world.

In my analysis without a free account, 571 current backlinks were shown. Those are very good values. Since a total of more than 3,000 such backlinks were found by this Tol, I was recommended to create a free account.

Unfortunately there is no list of the individual backlinks without registration, which makes this view pointless. With the free account you get extensive general information and of course a list of the backlinks.

The information about the individual backlinks is very interesting and detailed. In this way you can analyze the backlinks very well.

However, you have to verify a domain for analysis, e.g. by means of a text file uploaded via FTP or a meta tag. However, this is only possible with your own domains, so that an analysis of competitor backlinks is not possible with this.

Still one of the best free backlink checkers, which however has a daily limit for the queries in the free account.

Backlink Checker from

The website looks like something straight out of the 90s. In addition, the analysis takes a long time.

The results are then not exactly overwhelming. Many individual links are found (520), but the list is quite arbitrary and there is no grouping according to domains. In addition, the information on the individual backlinks is also very poor, but at least you can sort the list.

All in all, not a particularly good backlink checker, even if it finds more backlinks than some other tool. For further information there is only a link to the tool which I will present next.

Backlink Checker from

The online SEO tool is very well known and widely used. Here, however, you have to create a free account in order to be able to carry out a backlink check.

But then you get a result very quickly, which also shows the number of backlinks for a domain, among other things.

Here 1,326 backlinks from 74 domains were found. However, only the first 10 are actually displayed, so that you unfortunately do not get details about the other backlinks.

In itself a tool with potential, but the restrictions of the free account are too strong.

Backlink Checker from

A backlink analysis can be carried out with a free registration at

130 backlinks were found during the analysis, as you can see here:

However, not all information about the backlinks is available. At least there is data on the backlinks found, such as link text, page title and SPS (evaluation of the strength of the linked page).

In addition, you can also display the referring domains, which are only 10 here. This is very little compared to the results of other tools.

Overall, this backlink checker found very few backlinks, which is a bit disappointing. However, the information about the backlinks is interesting.

Backlink Checker from

At, too, the information about the backlinks found is somewhat limited, but the tool works quite well.

The tool found 13,618 backlinks from 130 domains. 100 backlinks are shown in the free version, a maximum of one per domain.

That means that you can find out 100 domains from which backlinks are coming.

For the link there is information such as an authority value, the link text and follow / nofollow information. This is very good for a free evaluation. In addition, the monthly price of the Pro version is relatively manageable at $ 14.

summary of results

In the following I summarize the results of the 11 free backlink checkers again clearly.

Toolbacklinks foundNumber of domainsRating (0-5)
seo-united.de77Not specified2
majestic.commore than 3,000not specified5
backlinkwatch.com520not specified2
Google Search Console4.130147 

For comparison, I have included the data from the Google Search Console. Most tools only find part of the backlinks. In the case of domains it is usually only a maximum of 50%. Only and find more.

But even the professional tools cannot find all backlinks. Although it must be said that even the Google Search Console does not necessarily list all the backlinks that Google really knows.

Nevertheless, some of the backlink checkers offer good insights into the backlinks of a domain. For example, you can find out which backlinks a competitor has at least partially in order to try to get a backlink there as well.

What is your favorite among the backlink checkers on the net?

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