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A headdress, a bird or something completely different? What does Skoda want to express with its logo and what does the emblem actually show? We'll tell you.

Have you ever wondered what the green structure in the Skoda cars logo is? Then you are not alone. Popular belief that it is meant to be a Native American headdress. This is not correct, however, but it is thematically going in the right direction.

What does the Skoda logo really mean?

The logo of the Czech car manufacturer Skoda is more complex than you might think at first glance. It consists of three main components: a feather, an arrow and an eye. Skoda also attached a certain importance to the individual parts.

The spring should stand for technical progress, the range of the production program and worldwide sales. Advanced production methods and high productivity should symbolize the arrow. What about the eye? This should stand for the precision of production, technical appearance and overview.

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Headdress as a model for the Skoda logo?

How Skoda got its feather-arrow-eye logo is not entirely clear. The emblem used today was in a slightly modified form as early as the 1920s. At that time it was also nicknamed "Indian".

It became clear in 1923 at the latest that it should not be a headdress. At that time the motif "Arrow with three feathers in the ring"Registered as a trademark. The idea of ​​the logo is attributed to Tomáš Maglič - the commercial director of the Pilsener Skoda-Werke at the time.

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Skoda logo through the ages

The Skoda logo did not go through any major changes. In 1926, the logo as we know it today was already emblazoned on the Skoda cars. Only the design was different. It showed the feather-arrow-eye combination in blue. This was also surrounded by a blue ring.

This form of the Skoda logo was used until 1990. Then the logo was colored green and surrounded by a thick, black ring. In this one became the Integrated lettering "Skoda Auto". In 2011 the black ring was replaced by a thinner silver ring. The lettering had to give way.

Between 1926 and 1933 Skoda used another logo in parallel to what we know today. The short-lived emblem was an oval with the words "Skoda" in the middle. This was surrounded by a black frame with golden laurel branches.

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