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Against boredom - 6 tips on how to make good use of your time at home

The current situation is not easy for many. Home office for weeks, child care around the clock, avoidance of public institutions and friends. In short: stay at home until you get bored and the ceiling falls on your head. We think: It doesn't have to be! Therefore, we want to tell you how you can fight against boredom and use the days at home sensibly.

Productivity instead of boredom: Use the time at home for yourself

A few months ago, none of us thought that the wave of the corona virus would hit us so hard. From one week to the next our life changed enormously and suddenly we were spending most of our everyday life at home. No shop, café, swimming pool, yoga studio or cinema is still open. What remains apparent to us is a walk in nature.

This change and, above all, the restriction of social contacts is a new and unfamiliar situation for all of us. But that doesn’t have to mean that we let the boredom overtake us. We will not allow the ceiling to fall on your head at home - because there are so many ways in which you can organize your everyday life without going to the cinema and restaurants. We'll give you valuable tips on how you can make good use of your time at home.

1st tip: Yoga or sports at home

The biggest problem during the time at home is the lack of exercise. But even when sports facilities are closed and there is no commute to work, it is important to get enough exercise. You can easily do this by doing yoga or other physical exercise at home. The best thing to do is to plan to exercise at least half an hour a day - either at home on the yoga mat or while jogging in the fresh air. Maybe a sports unit is easiest for you to do right after getting up? Exercise in the morning makes you really fit and you start the new day motivated! You will find that it helps you to stay flexible and prevent back pain. Another way to use the time wisely is meditation. Turn on some relaxed music or let a meditation app run in the background and focus entirely on your body. So you can easily switch off at home.

Tip 2: tidy up and muck out your apartment

Definitely one of the most sensible activities for home: tidying up shelves and cupboards and clearing out unnecessary stuff or clothes. Here's how you can proceed: is this item in the right place here? Do i really need it? If the answer is “no”, can I sell the piece of furniture or give it away? If we're honest, we don't really need that much to live. This applies above all to the 20 shampoos as a reserve or the 30 T-shirts, many of which are often unworn in the closet. You will find that mucking out can be very liberating and make a more minimalist life happy. You can fill a box for the flea market, give things you no longer need to friends or donate to charities. Because isn't it really nice when we can selflessly please other people from time to time?

3rd tip: make your balcony or garden beautiful

Spring time is garden time! When the weather is nice, we can use the time at home to beautify the balcony or garden. You can naturally plant seeds or bulbs on the one hand, but on the other hand you can also tackle the basic cleaning: move leaves and branches out of the way, remove dust, sweep the floor or lawn and wipe the balcony furniture. A tidy balcony and the bright colors of the flowers put you in a good mood that lasts for weeks! Even after the clean-up, you can always take care of the plants in the fresh air.

4. Tip: Use the time and read a book

Hand on heart: How long have you been planning to read more, but just didn't get around to it due to stress or everyday obligations? Now is the time to finally read the book that has been in your closet with you for months. So far, you haven't had the opportunity or the peace to get started, but now an exciting novel or informative non-fiction book can entertain and distract you. You can not only immerse yourself in an exciting, imaginative story, but also motivate yourself and take some wisdom with you for your own life. So: on the books, get set, go!

5th tip: Get creative at home - handicrafts & DIY’s

Far too seldom do we use our free time to be creative. Drawing, painting, knitting, sewing or handicrafts - what do you enjoy? If you don't have any materials for this, you can ask friends, acquaintances or neighbors if they can lend you handicraft materials or accessories. Alternatively, you can order missing brushes, paints, cardboard or yarn online - the big handicrafts can start at home! How about knitting your own kitchen towel or a pot holder? Maybe you can give old furniture a new look by sanding it down, repainting it or decorating it? Alternatively, you can also find DIY's, such as how you can make detergents yourself, on our blog. In your apartment there are bound to be a number of ways in which you can pass the time with handicrafts or simple DIYs!

6. Tip: Keep small moments of joy

It is important that even in difficult times we maintain some normalcy, better still the joy of the little things in life. Is there maybe a product, maybe a soap, a good book or something similar that you would like to see for a longer time, but in the end not buy? Treat yourself to something again and spoil yourself! Create your feel-good moment at home and just enjoy yourself. Just finish the chocolate, watch your favorite series and relax on the couch! Anything that distracts you, cheers you up and puts a smile on your face is allowed!

Side tip: If you want to be surprised and start your own journey of discovery from home, you can take a sustainable one, for example Box from Trendraider a welcome change in everyday life.

We hope that our tips for the right pastime in your own four walls have kept you from twiddling your thumbs and going crazy with boredom. Perhaps you also have a few ideas on how to make good use of your time at home? We look forward to your comments!

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