Why do we eat cooked food

Why cooked food considered nutritious when proteins break down at much lower temperatures?

Cooking is just a form of digestion.

What is digestion?

During digestion, large molecules are broken down into smaller molecules. When you cook food, you break down large molecules into their small parts.

Why do we digest food?

For example, think of a long sequence of DNA. You eat corn and have a long sequence of corn DNA in your body. What can you do with this long molecule? You have to break down this long molecule around the constitutive To be able to absorb nutrients . With these nutrients, you can now assemble your own DNA. In other words, we have to break the great Lego lock that is food to get the building blocks to rebuild a spaceship. Digestion refers to the first process (breaking the Lego castle). We refer to the part of the metabolism that breaks things down as catabolism and the part of the metabolism that builds things up as anabolism. Note that catabolism + anabolism = metabolism.

Then why do we cook instead of digesting ourselves?

Digestion takes a lot of energy and requires the organism to have the right organs and the right matter (enzymes and such). We can save energy (and other things) by digesting food outside of our body. You could say that humans (such as spiders) perform external digestion.

Why cooked food is considered nutritious

Cooked food has no more nutrients than raw food. In fact, it is likely that when you cook, you will lose some nutrients that end up in the water that you normally throw away.

The big difference is that nutrients are easily absorbed in cooked foods, which may be healthier depending on the food source. Cooking can also destroy potentially toxic products.

Note that in response to cooking behavior, the human bowel developed less than that of our ancestors.


Then why are we advised to consume most vegetables raw?


@Sparkler According to this article, it's actually healthier to cook lots of vegetables. It actually breaks down things within the vegetables that our bodies may not be able to do.